Alright - Cast - The Troubled Times Tour: Live 2012 Shepherds Bush Empire - 06.04.2012 (CD, Album)

We found an advert for a residential demo studio called Bearshanks Lodge, just outside of Oundle. We went up initially for a week in August and did exactly what we wanted to do. It was a real outbreak of inspiration.

So we were one step removed from our heroes, the Faces. They were the first people who took us seriously. They were actually in the music industry. At the end of. All of a sudden we were a real band. Ruan had very good connections with Chiswick Records. It was incredible. It blew my mind. I burned my flares, cut my hair, bought myself a plastic leather jacket and became a punk rocker. We lived the life of Riley. Being big in East Northamptonshire only takes you so far.

We were big in town. We were outrageous, notorious, penniless. We had great times. It ended up just me and Wiggy moving back. In the end we just petered out in early and I went off to join the army. I see Wiggy a lot more than I used to. I used to visit Barking a lot more when my mum was alive. She passed away in When she passed away the first thing they did was we all came together and went up the curry house down the road.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Cadiz have reissued this essential piece of art in double DVD format presented in a swanky metal tin with a new booklet featuring an essay by Mark Radcliffe and rare photos.

To have the iconic triumvirate of Keith Morris, Greg Hetson and Zander Schloss reuniting for a celebratory show at the Punk Rock Bowling festival on Memorial Day Weekend is the kind of scoop that must have had the Vegas festival organisers pinching themselves.

So what was it about Circle Jerks and their seminal debut album that endeared them to so many hearts and why is their imprint indelibly inked forever into the annals of US punk history? The band were formed when Morris was seeking new avenues having been unceremoniously turfed out by Black Flag — the band he. Picking up the same hardcore thread that had. Chuck Biscuits ex-Black Flag and D.

When Schloss moved on after a couple of years, former Megadeth bassist Chris Poland filled the four-string void. After another hiatus of around five years, the Circle Jerks again stirred themselves into life. Over the ensuing 10 years they remained a fairly constant live act, although. They were an almost frightening live proposition, their gigs generating sprawling pits of flailing limbs and kamikaze stage divers.

While Black Flag went on to become one of. Deny Everything, 2. I Just Want Some Skank, 3. Beverly Hills, 4. Operation, 5. Back Against The Wall, 6.

Wasted, 7. Behind The Door, 8. World Up My Ass, 9. Paid Vacation, Live Fast Die Young, Group Sex, Red Tape. The title track was a cut and shut that saw them sample the work from such unlikely stars as the Carpenters and Tammy Wynette. Some stability was finally achieved with a record label — when their fifth and sixth albums both appeared on Relatively Records — although the line-up proved harder to nail down.

The core of Morris, Hetson and Schloss, along with drummer Kevin Fitzgerald, continued to tour on and off until when the line again went dead, this time at least in part due to contracted legal fist-fights. Morris sided with Coats, recruiting new blood to start a new band called Off! There has never been a shortage of Circle Jerks admirers and there will be many UK fans salivating at the thought of seeing them in August, either in London or at Rebellion in Blackpool, in what will be their first UK shows in more than 30 years.

Lead singer Dolly Daggerz brings pole dancing into the act whilst singing and Mickey Danger kicks out the jams on guitar. When I first started out my goal was to get signed really fast. It just all comes out and we never censor ourselves. I drank a lot and was not in a particularly happy mood. Not a great combination. I never look back. I am a healthier both physically and mentally and my voice is so much more controlled on stage.

So how did their blend of post-punk basslines, squalling noise and agit-punk go down? Obviously their fans were a bit shell-shocked, but it worked, surprisingly. That was a nice moment. And Wire. And Devo. They should start a curry house together. The courses would be really short and made of stuff like spiced latex and squirrels. Too expensive for musicians or other normals, and the bit where I live has been overrun by bankers.

Goldman Sachs put up their HQ down the road from me and they. Bringing a James Joyce beauty to their description of the bleakness of city life, the gloom-punks are managed by Rough Trade.

I wrote all the lyrics in a month, but overall the record took about a year. I love each one of them immensely. It was an amazing time and they brought it every single night. Lamacq caught one of our shows down there and he has been a huge supporter ever since. Perhaps there is a telepathy between Blaze and vocalist and guitarist Reid who are twin brothers. I asked if there was a dominant twin,.

And as far as a dominant twin? Yes, there are two of them! We started playing music together in 7th grade. Pop punk covers and such at our house. Born in Danbury, Essex before moving to Germany with his army officer father, Innes began piano lessons at an early age before switching to guitar.

Combining trad jazz, psych, music hall and surrealist comedy elements, the band appeared regularly on TV and radio, recording several John Peel sessions and appearing at the Isle of Wight Festival. Such was the success of The Rutles that Innes and Halsey continued to tour a version of the band over the years, while US indie Shimmy Disc released a tribute album featuring the likes of Bongwater, Shonen Knife and Galaxie In recent years, Innes had once again been touring with a version of the Bonzos, who only recently won a court case granting them the legal right over their name.

Confined to a wheelchair following a stroke, he was an active blogger and published a volume of short stories in Releasing two solo albums in the s and s, he also played with The Weight Band, featuring former members and collaborators of The Band.

At the moment of its greatest commercial success to date, the tides were about to roll back on 2-Tone. Although this contributed to the further balkanisation of youth culture as rude boys and new generations of mods and skinheads took their places among the established teenage tribes, there.

The youth of Britain was buying into 2-Tone in a big way. However, at its chart-topping epitome, the popular perception of what 2-Tone represented had already been and gone. Although it had been underpinned by and characterised as a ska revival of sorts, the extensive breadth of influences seeping into the material released by the label demonstrated that 2-Tone was far more of a culturally literate hybrid than it was an exercise in black and white check nostalgia.

We had to learn to enjoy the ride or get off, and nobody wanted to get off. With Dammers taking greater responsibility for production, he was. Their change of musical direction made them difficult to pigeonhole and divisions within the band ensured that there was little consistency regarding the declared directions the group might be taking.

As the four initial 2-Tone bands moved further away from their related points of origin, the mainstream media looked to Antmusic and New Romanticism as fresh trends they could sum up in a couple of sentences.

The Specials however, would have something to contribute to OUTH, so the saying goes, is wasted on the young. And then, when I got into this touring world, I was always the youngest kid on tour, I was 18 and touring with bands that were in their 30s and 40s.

Here, the brushes are broader and the strokes more nuanced, even though the subject matter is generally the same. Similarly, both bands share an indelible link to small city living; where waitresses and dingey bars are the lifeblood of a city, and every minor connection and character can grow to mythical levels.

Also, I think there are certain parallels in our bands — not that our alcohol intake is anywhere remotely like theirs. Have you read the book? Barnett acknowledges that their sole aim last time was to write an album that you could throw on at a party, or that they, as a band, could play front-to-back.

This time, they focused on the craft of storytelling and going in deep with the characters. Along with bands like The Sisters of Mercy, Salvation, Southern Death Cult, March Violets, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and Skeletal Family they set about inadvertently making Leeds and Yorkshire to a wider extent the spiritual home of Goth and showcased the wealth of artistic prowess that dominated the 80s indie scene. Now with their classic line up back together, a new tour lined up with The Mission, the TG festival, there is a considerable wave of excitement surrounding the band, who at the start of a new decade look set to be firing up for their second coming.

What are your memories of the early days of the Leeds and further away scenes? The Stooges, Velvet Underground. How did the reformation of the band come about? I started to think to myself — a lot of shit had happened in my life and I thought it might be the last chance to do this. Also, apparently, I have whaling ancestors in Whitby and quite frankly I was missing Yorkshire people and England in general.

Fast forward. I contacted everybody and all were available and up for it. Of course, we were goths. Musically, I had a slightly different baptism, because I had a sister that was living in Brixton. She was very much involved in the punk scene and it bloody opened eyes to the possibilities of attitude, not so much music but what grit and energy could inspire. We were simply submerged in to the scene of the times.

At the Newcastle — you could always tell by time it was just one of the songs and still the look of the audience. To me, We just had long hair and wore black. Thankfully it at gigs and stuff. Never did any harm for Lennon and McCartney. How did the band come into inception? Leeds was so vibrant at the time, we more or less lived at The Warehouse, seeing several different bands a week — R.

As Phil says, we were messing around with ideas at the start, but nothing was really coming of it. Of course, that led to the recording of that song, which introduced us to Glenn. He was the man. As I recall, when we were invited to do the Peel Session, we only had four songs in the whole world, so needed to write a couple more pretty damn sharpish.

We were never afraid to show our influences and you can see that with Paul. I think if the band had progressed with just one guitarist, we would have developed very differently and probably sounded very different — a lot more indie. There was a real momentum that we were building at the start, with singles getting great reviews and lots of press attention. The thing that I remember being most disappointed about at the time was struggling to get the respect of a the press and b our peers in the Leeds music scene.

What was that like? We had different paths in life to follow. We were a strange mix of smokers and sniffers. Which resulted in half the band playing too fast and the other too slow. Anyway, after the tour Glenn and Nicol left, we attempted to keep things alive and even did a couple of albums, but the heart had been ripped and eventually I told the chaps I wanted to try something else.

Your discography around that time gets somewhat confusing with Fire your label releasing compilations and your unofficial debut album. As a band did you have much say in what they were doing at the time? We had no say in the content, the artwork, anything. The tools available these days are so much better and it would be great to do justice to that particular song.

At the moment we are contented to be playing some these dates this year and building an army ready for the next assault… Heads down and tin hats on, see you in the trenches. Was there a definitive decision to end the band or did it just naturally come to an end?

Who else, really? In buoyant mood we laugh along The Mall and most of the way to Davies Road, where I find a personable Sid Vicious teaching himself to play bass, while Keith Levene, Steve Walsh and a bloke called Alan loll on the couch. After Mick and Viv adjourn to. The Faces, Mott and Stooges were gone, glam had fizzled, the Stones were at their excessive peak and only reggae offered a conscious alternative in vinyl form. Bowie was something else, continuing to exert a strange fascination that towered above anyone else.

By , Bowie had already cleared the runway for glam with short, sharp songs, noisy guitars and outrageous wardrobes, providing the perfect antidote to progressive rock excess and earnest singer-songwriters while sky-sailing over the pub-rock barrelling in through the saloon doors as a rootsy alternative to stadium prog-on-ice. Pop and rock had been remade and remodelled by Bowie when the next generation started making its own noise. Bowie inspired countless lonely, vulnerable teenagers to be true to themselves and walk down the road looking however they pleased, whether that was brightly coloured hair or makeup.

Pre-dating punk, he also inspired them to form bands and make whatever loud, garish noise they felt they had to make. Like schoolkids transforming into punks in the Roxy toilets a few years hence, kids would change into glam threads on the train to Bowie gigs. When he unveiled the newly-minted Ziggy Stardust at our little club in the sticks in January , he brought down the shutters on the dowdy, post-hippie 60s and let the new decade finally come rushing in.

For a mixed-up teenager in , Bowie provided inspiration and a beautiful escape from routine rock and pop, along with rules the counterculture had failed to bring down. This was different. We took that seriously. Sid inevitably springs to mind, along with that famous photo of him proudly sporting his Ziggy t-shirt around the age of Poly Styrene and Howard Devoto were also known devotees, noticeably detectable in their music.

Too dark for its time but way ahead of it, the album laid foundations for glam, heavy metal and punk. As early champion Charles Shaar Murray said, this is where the story really starts. The Isolar Tour was a concert tour in support of the album Station to Station.

My friends - whether they were male or female - were determined by whether or not they liked the album. It was that important. Bowie was still the shy ex-mod-turned uneasy hippie seeking and courting danger while not actively participating - yet, anyway. A lot of people were curious about me, but only he was the one who had enough truly in common with me, and who actually really liked what I did and could get on board with it, and who also had decent enough intentions to help me out.

He did a good thing. I was 13 when this came out and it represented everything I wanted the world to be; alien, glamorous and totally cool. Dressing up led to devising her own startling look, enhanced by boots and fetish outfits as gay discos provided sanctuary and she bonded with Steven Bailey from nearby Bromley. Going round that never-decreasing circle. Rock and roll is dead In , how could anyone have seen any of this coming? Its unsettling future visions and dense proto-metal laid foundations for glam, heavy metal and post-punk.

With guitarist Mick Ronson his right hand man, the process that led to Ziggy and the Spiders was under way. Sporting long blond tresses, floppy hat and bright red caterpillar shoes, Bowie was shy and quiet before the gig.

All hippie attachments were severed in a pre-Year Zero image makeover. Suzy Fussey got the idea for his spiky hair-style from French Vogue using German hair dye Red Hot Red and peroxide to presage another punk obsession. The idea was that kids would easily latch onto us. We became their band because we looked completely different… It was a bit futuristic, which was what he was after. Finally, he was ready to unveil his new creation live. It could only be at Friars - on January 29th for which I designed the flyer, see previous page.

It ignited the kind of tingling rush that we were… heavy would soon be familiar at countless Clash and Ramones shows. Seeing Bowie as Ziggy for the first time was like losing my rock duty punks. The bold sexuality added ordinary enough dangerous edge to mortify conservative rock fans along with the usual schools, parents and establishment, throwing the blokes… He just liked what we first Molotov cocktails for punk-style filth and fury.

The Ziggy Stardust UK tour drew a growing following but also encountered represented. We the kind of ignorant redneck hostility that would later greet Sex were about the Pistols and punk bands in the provinces. We revelled in having a new star who was all our own, emerging now, rather than years earlier. That certainly meant his career, destined to go supernova, but also rock itself. Thanks to Bowie, anything seemed possible now; not least the liberated spirit he was igniting in kids like me and countless others all over the country.

We read the reviews that dismissed him as a shallow rock facsimile or multi-headed copy of previous trailblazers. We also read interviews where Bowie admitted being a voracious collector of people, their traits, ideas and innovations. This heavenly dovetailing of my two current obsessions brought me into the heart of Mainman; like both my ships had collided and come in at once. Although routinely credited with lighting the fuse for glam and punk at their riotous gigs, Mott had thrown in the towel when bassist Overend Watts phoned Bowie looking for a gig.

He was an author As well as that, he brought things right up to date, with the Kubrik thing and all the cosmic stuff that he brought in as well.

He was such an important thing for us, as was the look and the image and the sexuality. He presented this world that I guess we thought was coming over the horizon. There was the idea that there was these brand new sounds, this brand new language, this brand new look People saw Elvis and stuff, but for me, life was never going to be the same.

What a first show to see! I was the first and only boy at school to dye my hair red and then my first ever trip to London was to see Bowie at Wembley May That was when you had to send a postal order and 4 weeks later you got your tickets or your postal order back.

Before punk my nickname was Ziggy. Bowie came along and made it possible to wear bangles, nail varnish and kooky things on council estates and not get beaten up for it. SSS - We were the urchin children of Ziggy A seal of approval from our leader. He made everything all right. Decades later, on his Glass Spider tour in L. A, I finally got to meet him backstage, after the Banshees had supported him - and I was lucky enough to have a AAA pass.

Most of them would become a loud presence on the UK punk scene five years later along with Johnny Thunders. Bowie was still a flaxen-haired folkie when the Dolls reared out of the Lower East Side like a cross-gender wardrobe explosion taking a machete to musical excess, gouging rock and soul nuggets with raw, street energy; the direct line from New York to UK punk, exacerbated by Malcolm McLaren becoming their manager in and using them as a Pistols template.

He thought we were a lot heavier than we were… heavy duty punks. He was slightly disappointed to encounter ordinary blokes… He just liked what we represented. We were about the first punk rock band to come out of England. The UK was now in the grip of glam-rock, Sweet and Slade bringing welcome flash to a country gripped by wage freezes and power cuts. Rather than glam hams, Mott saw themselves as a new breed.

Mick Rock now had the cover photo of Iggy in his silver jeans and slap that provided another essential piece of punk iconography. Meanwhile, Mott were touring as a hit band in huge platforms and leather cat-suits but, by the time their UK tour reached last night at the Rainbow an edge laced the post-hit euphoria after some damning press. He now seemed to have the genre-straddling future of music throbbing impatiently in his Japanese jockstrap, demon seeds ready to mate with any exotic passing spores that glowed enough to tickle his wired-up fancy.

When the tour hit Oxford, I was astounded to get a return phone-call at work on the local paper. In a way, it was a precursor to the punk thing. The suit comes from fashion designer Thom Browne, and the photo was taken by Jimmy King. Add to Cart. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Troubled Times Tour: Live MP3 Music, July 2, "Please retry". Register a free business account. Product details Product Dimensions : 4.

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There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from the United States. Top reviews from other countries. Verified Purchase. There are some live albums that leave you very disappointed - this is not one of them. The sound quality is excellent and the performances are top drawer. Power's voice sounds great but what struck me more than anything was how well the band plays together. The lead guitar is a revelation, it is much more to the fore than on studio recordings and it really works.

Many of the hits are here but the set focusses heavily on the then new album - but is none the poorer for this. I actually prefer the live versions of the newer songs than on the official release, they work better with more room to expand.

Misery Is a Butterfly. The Allman Brothers Band. Our Endless Numbered Days. Peace, Love, Death Metal. The Eagles of Death Metal. The Punisher: The Album. Sings Greatest Palace Music. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Till Death Do Us Part. The Way I Am. Absent Friends. Soundtrack to Your Escape.

The Bootleg Series Vol. In With the Old. Los Lonely Boys. Then and Now. Indestructible Object. Best of Both Worlds. The Dissociatives. Unearthed Johnny Cash album Disc 4. On My Way. Satanic Panic in the Attic. My Mother's Hymn Book. Whatever Happened to P. Siti Nurhaliza. Baron von Bullshit Rides Again.

The Duel. Is There Love in Space? Kill Bill Vol. Palm Trees and Power Lines. The Even Better Times. The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell. Fire It Up. The Kottonmouth Kings.

Hangover Music Vol. Highwire Act Live in St. Louis Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. Letters from Home. John Michael Montgomery. Music of Mass Destruction. The Pretty Toney Album. Rock Against Bush, Vol. Various Artists, Rock Against Bush. Stone Age Complication. Queens of the Stone Age. Sunsets and Car Crashes. Through the Ashes of Empires.

Rejoicing in the Hands. Walk The Tightrope. The Dresden Dolls. The Girl in the Other Room. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

The Inner Circle. The Last of Tha Pound. Jimmie's Chicken Shack. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth. Endangered Species.

Horse of a Different Color. Just for You. One Love. The Ride. Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live. Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies. Come Again. The End of Heartache. Von Dahl Killed the Locals. Express Yourself. Live at Tramps, NYC, A Song Is A City. Happiness in Magazines. Faded Seaside Glamour.

A Grand Don't Come for Free. Hell to Pay. The Secret Machines. Tical 0: The Prequel. Here We Go Again. Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial. The Greater Wrong of the Right. It's About Time. Long Gone Before Daylight. Play to Win. Rockin' the Rhein with the Grateful Dead. Under My Skin. White Trash Beautiful. Between Here and Gone. A Year at the Movies. Loud, Mean, Fast and Dirty. The Empire Strikes First. Greatest Hits '' International War Criminal. Punk-O-Rama Vol. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

Live in Boston. A New Day Live in Las Vegas. Sound Shattering Sound. The Blind Watchmaker. They're Only Chasing Safety. Rock the 40 Oz: Reloaded. Battering Ram. Cipher System and By Night. Aren't You Dead Yet? Riot on an Empty Street. A Semblance of Normality. From the End of Your Leash. Gettin' in Over My Head. Kiss of Death.

Spider-Man 2. Will to Death. The Eye of Every Storm. Up All Night. Janet Jackson's voice may be average, but her dancing is that of a well-drilled athlete He's Bad, he's Dangerous, he's History Wacko Jacko is invading Eastern Europe and showing what capitalism can do when it comes to the cult of Naff, good-hearted and prone to motivational guff, Jessie J has a big-sister kindliness that gets the fans bouncing For a while on stage, Jewel exudes vulnerability.

Then she tells you she wants to bash her father's teeth in. IN , Kaiser Chiefs squeezed into a pop scene that was fixated on arch art-rockers. Today, the band are a neo-Britpop fixture, seemingly sent to Although she has had the No.

R Kelly: Hammersmith Apollo, London. R Kelly: R. Kelly: Hammersmith Apollo, London. Twenty five-year-old R Kelly offers one answer to For the headliners of Download heavy metal festival, there are millions to be made, fans to ogle and sometimes sleep with , and platform boots to The question divided the electorate at Thursday's sold out show.

The male guitar band is dead. The future is electro, female, DIY — and very in your face. Caroline Sullivan talks to the solo acts Onstage, four anoraky boys with jangling guitars. Mick Mercer's idea of Nirvana; my idea of no good reason to miss Neil John Legend: Brixton Academy, London. AS befits a singer who decided that his original surname, Stephens, didn't capture his essence, John Legend precedes his entrance with black-and-white footage of himself Julian Lennon: Kensal Dock, London.

Unwelcome comparisons, rarely in his favour, continue to dog his career. They surfaced even Ian Broudie is responsible for some of the most enduring pop music of the decade. So what's his excuse for making that football record, asks Pop's nearly woman evokes Kylie and Lady Gaga, but ultimately brings a wide-eyed intensity all her own As Latino pop looks set to take over the charts, Caroline Sullivan is only mildly impressed by the two artists leading the charge When lead singer Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to 13 child sex offences, his former bandmates went into a state of shock.

Now, still angry and She is currently the UK's most successful female singer, she has been voted one of the sexiest women in the world, she even has a Vulnerable but resolute, the singer pursues her "truth" in an affecting and revelatory show. How pleasant, Despite attempts to write her off, Madonna's spectacular costume cabaret proved that she's not dead, just feverish. SINCE achieving cult fame in , the Welsh quartet have preached nihilism juiced up with arty quotes from the Situationists and literary figures.

The not-entirely-novel It's the idea that there are factors in your environment that have an influence on you Could it be magic? When Mr Manilow sings, grannies swoon, moan, even storm the stage. Caroline Sullivan knows just how they feel Marilyn: Despite Straight Lines Mercury. Michelle McManus: The stars in our eyes. Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus may claim to be happy with her size, but pop's obsession with image could well put an end to that, Mercury Rev: Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton.

The band makes a euphoric homecoming loaded with new material that twitches and percolates like nu-rave Sly Stone He has fought for credibility since his Wham! The Milli Vanilli affair rocked the secretive world of pop. So she's 35, but does that really mean Kylie should cover up, asks Caroline Sullivan Caroline Sullivan on the latest from the former pop kitten who's moving ever closer to that elusive musical maturity From wholesome soap star to scantily clad sex kitten — Kylie Minogue has changed her image more times than she might care to remember.

Every band currently has what it When Moloko split up, Roisin Murphy found herself without a band, a plan or a partner. She tells Caroline Sullivan how half an hour of Nine self-pitying, lachrymose albums in a row — isn't it time Morrissey grew up? As this was a The Notorious B. Stiff competition: Caroline Sullivan checks out the latest from two late rappers It depends who you ask. Paul Oakenfold's new record has only his name on the cover.

But he isn't a musician. He's the emperor of DJs Trashed hotels, fist fights, easy sex — Oasis have rediscovered rock's roots. They've also found the time to knock out a great tune From her public search for a husband to attempted suicide and hospitalisation, the Irish singer has had a turbulent year even by her own standards.

After 35 years in the business, Earl Okin is about to release his first album. He tells Caroline Sullivan why it's taken him so long Sean Paul: Electric Ballroom, London. The sparky showboater's glory days may be some way behind him, but his rueful rhythms haven't just aged well over the years — they carry For Peaches, the famously X-rated rapper, the personal has just got political.

Caroline Sullivan hears about her beef with Bush Elvis Perkins tells Caroline Sullivan how the tragic deaths of his famous parents have shaped his melancholy pop. His current show certainly leaves you wondering. American rock is Madeleine Peyroux: "I'm an outcast". Madeleine Peyroux could be the new Norah Jones — if she didn't find the idea insulting.

She tells Caroline Sullivan about walking out on her The Swedish-American trio is fortunate in boasting a singer, Brian Portishead: Dread again — Portishead: Portishead Go! If Portishead's first album spooked you out, their second one will really get to you, says Caroline Sullivan Prince: My name is Prince well it was. To criticise Prince is to reveal yourself as a musically illiterate Jason Donovan fan.

But who is this workaholic, whose band call him 'sir' and Prince: Come Warner Bros George Pringle: The Social, London. The audience titter In a police station one night, on stage the next, and the Pulp fans have never been happier.

Raitts's music has continued in this Out of time, ahead of fashion — the Rapture are the real sound of New York. If they can make it there, says Caroline Sullivan, Cool, calm and very, very strange: Caroline Sullivan is haunted by Bristol rapper Tricky Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. Diana Ross returns to celebrate a half-century, and a mysterious 30th anniversary, at Birmingham NEC Rudimental: Academy Brixton, London. Bic Runga: Today New Zealand, tomorrow the world. The first of their chain of Salt 'N' Pepa beauty salons will soon open at Scarlet Fantastic: Phantasmagoria.

My Dad Milked Snakes'. Scissor Sister Ana Matronic idolises Siouxsie — so we brought the two together to discuss punks, parents and the male ego. Seen the show, read the book, got the T-shirt? You soon will have. Jill Scott: Brixton Academy, London.

The congratulatory bellows have hardly faded before she tartly adds It is two years since gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur's short life ended in a hail of bullets. Caroline Sullivan talks exclusively to his mother about

Cast: The Troubled Times Tour: Live Shepherds Bush Empire - (Album) 4 バージョン: Concert Live: CLCD UK: このバージョンを出品: 4 バージョン Cast: Alright (Single) 11 バージョン: Polydor: Europe: このバージョンを出品.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of The Troubled Times Tour: Live Shepherds Bush Empire - on Discogs.3/5(1).
  2. UK two CD live release from the reunited Britpopsters, taped live at the 02 Shepherds Bush on the April 6th, The band is led by John Power, formerly of the La's. This live set features a career-spanning collection of Cast hits and album tracks.4/5(2).
  3. Cast have to their credit have decided to give us the first choice. This album has an energy and a rawness only available via a bootleg or personal attendance. Performed at the The Shepherds Bush Empire on 6/4/12 this album aims to capture the gig in full. And in this part the album excels. Any Cast fan should enjoy this aspect.4/5(2).
  4. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Cast - The Troubled Times Tour: Live Shepherds Bush Empire - at Discogs. Complete your Cast /5(2).
  5. Cast: The Troubled Times Tour: Live Shepherds Bush Empire - (Album) 4 versions: Concert Live: CLCD UK: Sell This Version: 4 versions CAST 3A1AA: Cast: Alright / .
  6. Recorded live at Shepherds Bush Empire in London on the 6 April , 'The Troubled Times Tour' should please any diehard Cast fan. Most of the songs that were played are tracks from their most recent album to date 'Troubled Times' (and if you haven't got a copy yet, I recommend that you buy one today), as well as evergreen Britpop classics like 'Walk Away' and 'Guiding Star'/5(5).
  8. Esplora tutte le pubblicazioni di Cast su Discogs. Compra vinili, CD e altro di Cast nel Marketplace di Discogs. Esplora. Scopri. Esplora tutto Cast: The Troubled Times Tour: Live Shepherds Bush Empire - (Album).

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