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Accessing Materials Described Here. Frances Tarlton Farenthold Papers, Papers consist of legal, political, and personal correspondence; legal, political, legislative, and committee files; newsletters, reports, and bulletins; research material; newspaper clippings; maps; video cassettes; audio tapes; CDs; and photographs. Some material has been separated to the Material Culture Unit.

Long Branch Environmental Education Center, , , , Pathways to Peace: the wisdom of listening, the power of commitment , March", General — Correspondence, cards, recommendations, pamphlets, General — Invitations, thank you cards, birthday cards, programs, letters.

Letter from Jennifer Patterson — photographs and related correspondence, , Also see green Farenthold for governor campaign button with white state of Texas-transferred to artifacts storage. Draft and background information for letter to Attorney General Holder, Legal documents, bill, copy of newspaper clipping, letter; Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, copy of presentation given at seminar, copy of penal code, list.

Reports, correspondence, agreement, lists, memoranda, minutes, copies of newspaper clippings, newsletters, notes, projected budget, tax laws.

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The New Voice Chronicle, copy of testimony, correspondence, copies of newspaper clippings, essay, notes, newsletter, list, resolution. Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, bill, brief, transcript of interview. Leaflet, booklet, guides, production guidelines, ; Reports, yearbook, guide, personnel list, organization charts, lists, Handbook, correspondence, memoranda, rental agreements, bills, notes, purchasing procedures, contract, travel vouchers, form, instructions.

Rate booklet, copy of magazine article, copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, memoranda, voting record, fliers, analysis of report, booklets, resolution, bill. Lyft Grant Results: Oregon. Lyft Grant Results: Maine.

Many of the interviews conducted during these periods include a great deal of information about changes in the staffing patterns and organization of various White House units. Click the items below to view the current availability of those interviews. Individual review of works containing this material by the interviewees or their heirs may be required before publication.

Plains native and Peanut Brigader 41 Wise, P. Abramowitz, Beth Domestic Policy Staff. Adams, Roberta Presidential Personnel. Aragon, Joe Special Assistant to the President. Baux, Lori Presidential Personnel. Beckel, Robert Bob G. Congressional Liaison. Belford, Tom Presidential Reorganization Project. Welsh, September 21, ; Letter to Mrs.

Howe from Charles H. Pope, October 2, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from Emma Belle with envelope to Mrs. Howe, November 2, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from Anna Belle Owen with envelope to Mrs. Howe, November 29, ; Letter to Mrs. Howell from Augusta D. Swan, July 29, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe, October, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from P. Howe, December 21, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe, February 20, ; Letter to Mrs.

Howe, January 20, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from Susan Baleard Richardson with envelope to Mrs. Howe, March 12, with enclosed portrait; Letter to Mrs. Howe from Annie Barkdull with envelope to Mrs. Howe, March 18, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from C. Howe, December 28, ; Letter to Mrs. McKee Welsh, with envelope to Mrs. Howe, December 20, with enclosed letter to Mrs.

James B. Griggs, January 1, with envelope to Mrs. Howe, January 2, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe, January 15, ; Envelope to Mrs. Pope, October 2, 19?? Howe from Annie H. Barkdull, with envelope to Mrs. Howe, March 25, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from L. Howe, February 8, ; Letter to Mrs. Howe from Mr. James E. Evans with envelope to Mrs. Howe, January 12, ; Letter to Mrs.

He became a symbol of the national cultural revival of Ukraine. Beside Shevchenko numerous other poets have written in Ukrainian. Among them, Volodymyr Sosyura in his poem Love Ukraine stated that one cannot respect other nations without respect for one's own. With the collapse of the Russian Empire a political entity which encompassed political, community, cultural, and professional organizations was established in Kyiv from the initiative from the Association of the Ukrainian Progressionists abbr.

As Bolshevik rule took hold in Ukraine, the early Soviet government had its own reasons to encourage the national movements of the former Russian Empire.

Until the earlys, Ukrainian culture enjoyed a widespread revival due to Bolshevik concessions known as the policy of Korenization "indigenization". In these years an impressive Ukrainization program was implemented throughout the republic. In such conditions, the Ukrainian national idea initially continued to develop and even spread to a large territory with traditionally mixed population in the east and south that became part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

At the same time, despite the ongoing Soviet-wide anti-religious campaign , the Ukrainian national Orthodox Church was created, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

The church was initially seen by the Bolshevik government as a tool in their goal to suppress the Russian Orthodox Church , always viewed with great suspicion by the regime for its being the cornerstone of the defunct Russian Empire and the initially strong opposition it took towards the regime change. Therefore, the government tolerated the new Ukrainian national church for some time and the UAOC gained a wide following among the Ukrainian peasantry. These events greatly raised the national consciousness among the Ukrainians and brought about the development of a new generation of Ukrainian cultural and political elite.

This in turn raised the concerns of Joseph Stalin , who saw danger in the Ukrainians' loyalty towards their nation competing with their loyalty to the Soviet State and in early s the "Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism " was declared to be the primary problem in Ukraine. The Ukrainization policies were abruptly and bloodily reversed, most of the Ukrainian cultural and political elite was arrested and executed, and the nation was decimated with the famine called the Holodomor.

With the outbreak of war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in , many nationalists in Ukraine thought that they would have an opportunity to create an independent country once again. An entire Ukrainian volunteer division of the SS had been created. On the following day 50 additional villages were attacked. The UPA was a military group that took up arms first against the Poles, and later, Nazis and eventually against the Soviets. There has been much debate as to the legitimacy of UPA as a political group.

UPA maintains a prominent and symbolic role in Ukrainian history and the quest for Ukrainian independence. Ukrainian Canadian historian Serhiy Yekelchyk writes that during and an estimated 35, Polish civilians and an unknown number of Ukrainian civilians in the Volhynia and Chelm regions fell victim to mutual ethnic cleansing by the UPA and Polish insurgents.

Executive Council Meeting. Financial Statements. Executive Council. Meeting Textile Division. Biltmore Hotel. Executive Council [folder 1 of 2]. Executive Council [folder 2 of 2]. June th. Hollywood, FL. Diplomat Hotel. Convention Resolutions [folder 1 of 2]. Convention Resolutions [folder 2 of 2]. Convention Seating Arrangements. Staff Lists. Staff Assignments. Resolution Routes. Swaity Responsibilities.

Convention Planning Committee Meeting. Los Angeles, California. September 25th. Staff Invitations. Special Convention Events. New England. American Civil Liberties Union. Articles in Labor Press. List of Articles on J. Articles about Stevens. Burt Beck.

Boycott Planning Meeting. Computer Names and Addresses. Stevens Progress. Boycott Film. Boycott Liabilities. Frank Blechman. Boycott Staff Meeting. Boycott Support. Whiteford S. Father Bauer. Church Support.

Citizen Committee. Community Service Program. Computer Program. Captive Audience Speeches. Settlement Contract. Contracts [folder 1 of 2]. Contracts [folder 2 of 2]. Corporate Policy. Corporate Personnel. Corporate Pressure. Correspondence [folder 1 of 2]. Correspondence [folder 2 of 2]. Defense Contracts. Lucy Sledge versus J. Evasion Leaflets. Hampshire Plant. Fact Sheets. Financial Pressure. General [folder 1 of 2]. General [folder 2 of 2]. General Releases.

Government Contracts. Heritage Foundation. Hilton Hotels. Health and Safety. Human Interest Stories. Alrose Shoe Company. American Shoe Shank. Bata Shoe Company.

Bass Shoe. Chesebrough-Pond's, INC. Bata Shoe [folder 1 of 2]. Bata Shoe [folder 2 of 2]. Barry Corp. Bixby International Shoe. Bonnie Stuart Shoe. Footwear Co. Brooks, John W. Nelsonville, Ohio. Brown Shoe Co. Cambridge Rubber Co. Cardinal Shoe Corp. Casual Footwear Co. Colby Footwear. Desco Shoe Corp Gardena Shoe. Endicott Johnson Co. Footwear Industry Facts. Frank Noone Shoe Co. Go- Lightly Footwear, Inc. Goldberg Slipper Co. Hanson Industries, Inc.

Hyde Athletic Industries. International Shoe. Jones and Vining, Inc. Jung-Great Lakes Shoe Co. Keith, Geo. Lawrence Maid Footwear. Lunder Shoe Products Co. Mid-American Shoe Corp. Mitchellance, INC. Mitchellance, Inc. Nettleton Shoe Co. Shoe Mfg. Radcliff Shoe Co. Saucony Shoe Mfg. Rochester Shoe Corp. Stride Rite Corp. Susan Shoe Industries.

Thom McAn Shoe Co. Tiara Footwear Inc. Timberland Footwear. United States Shoe Corp. Vimar Footwear Corp. Waldo Shoe. Unfair Labor Practice Charges. Waldo Shoe Corp. Dorson-Fleischer, Inc. Vulcan Corp. Welpro Benevolent Assoc. White Mountain Industries. Shoe Division Council Meeting. August th. Miami Beach, Fla. Deaville Hotel. Joe Huighe. United Shoe Workers General. United Shoe Workers. New England Org. NE Approval Targets. NE Textile Targets. Wool Plant List. New England Elections. Program Proposals.

Meeting with Coordinator Mike Schippani. New England Staff Conference. New England Coordinated Organizing Meeting. New England Staff Meeting. November 10th. Providence, Rhode Island. Meeting on New England Organizing Project. New England Organizing Conference.

New England Administrative Staff Meeting. Staff Conference. New England Coordinated Comm. On Organizing. New England Coordinated Conference. Other Union Strike Procedures. Strike Letters. Defense Fund Committee. Defunct Locals [folder 1 of 2]. Defunct Locals [folder 2 of 2].

William Duchessi Scholarship Fund. Dues Paying versus Potential Membership. Dues Paying Membership. Studies of Potential. Quin State. Apparel Division. Shoe Division. Summary of Elections. GPREQs not received. Elections General. Fact Power [folder 1 of 2].

Fact Power [folder 2 of 2]. General Office Financial Statements. Glass Bottle Blowers Union. Nabisco Brand, Inc. National Felt Co.

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  1. Aug 28,  · Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political bureau of Hamas, promised "to reveal the source of the explosions" in Gaza late Tuesday night, leaving three dead.
  2. Jun 14,  · Hamas forces wrested complete control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah on Thursday.
  3. Sep 10,  · Contact. American Enterprise Institute Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC Main telephone: Main fax:
  4. Biographical Sketch. Frances “Sissy” Tarlton Farenthold was born on October 2, , in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her father B. Dudley Tarlton, Jr., an attorney, was the son of Judge Benjamin D. Tarlton, Sr., Chief Justice of the Texas Court of Civil Appeals, state legislator, professor at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) School of Law, and namesake of the UT Tarlton Law Library.
  5. Membership continued to grow (peaking at , in ), but the union’s political influence and visibility in national affairs declined. In their never ending pursuit of lower production costs, many firms relocated to the South, forcing the union to engage in large organizing efforts.
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  7. Date News Release Article; 09/16/ GSA Issues Award for Regulatory Workflow Modernization: 08/25/ GSA to Prioritize Opportunity Zones for Federal Government Buildings and Leases.
  8. Bureau of National Affairs, ix, pages. 1st printing / edition. Hardcover. Photos. Bibliography. Index. Fine-. Small owner blind stamp front endpaper. Bright, tight, unmarked. $ American labor movement and current concepts of collective bargaining. Study commissioned by the George Meany Center for Labor.
  9. What is the order when playing the National Anthems of other countries with the Star-Spangled Banner? What is the acceptable practice after the playing or singing of the National Anthem? Can members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform.

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