Hurting Hearts Need A Helping Hand

Not Helpful 13 Helpful I was experiencing severe heartburn for close to 48 hours. Sometime during this period, I was experiencing sharp pains in the left shoulder area and pain in the jaw. Could this be a heart attack? Heart attacks can be mistaken as heartburn, but heartburn is mistaken for a heart attack more often. When stomach contents back up into the esophagus, it is very painful at times and can cause sores to form in the lining of the esophagus.

These sores can cause severe pain in the chest and back that mimic a heart attack. It is wise to see a doctor as soon as possible to rule out a cardiac event though. Not Helpful 7 Helpful I get a slight aching feeling in my left arm. Should I be worried? If the rest of you is fine and you feel alright aside from that, it is probably something else. Not Helpful 29 Helpful If the pain starts in my heart, moves down my left arm, I can feel my heartbeat in my elbow, and have a numb hand, am I having a heart attack?

This sounds like angina pectoris or stable angina. If my left arm started hurting after an exercise and the pain comes and goes while I am active, is it heart-related? It could be angina, which is pain caused by parts of the heart muscle not getting enough oxygen. Make sure to talk with your doctor about your symptoms so he or she can evaluate your heart function and provide treatment if necessary.

Not Helpful 9 Helpful It might be a mild strain or a pulled muscle. You may want to check with your doctor if you're worried. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Unanswered Questions. What are the signs I'm having heart related problems in my left arm? Should I go to the emergency room? I have had nagging pains in my left arm in my triceps area.

What could it be? How do I know if left arm pain is heart related? I experience increasing and persistent left arm pain whenever I hike at an altitude above 7 thousand feet. This doesn't occur at lower elevations. Do you think the pain is heart related? I had sharp pain under my ribc age while I was holding my baby with my left arm, and now it feels numb and hurts if I press it. What should I do? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

New York, N. Accessed Sept. Yelland MJ. Outpatient evaluation of the adult with chest pain. Walls RM, et al. Philadelphia, Pa. What is a heart attack? American Heart Association. McKean SC, et al. Heart attacks can sometimes be felt in the chest…. Chest pain and cough can be from something as simple as the flu.

But, it could also be a sign of something more serious, such as pneumonia, bronchitis,. Medically reviewed by Gerhard Whitworth, R. When to go to the ER. Common causes. Other causes. Heart attack vs. Heart attack Other causes Pain Dull, squeezing or crushing pressure Sharp or burning pain Pain location Diffuse, spread out Localized, can be pinpointed Pain duration Several minutes Momentary, less than a few seconds Exercise Pain worsens Pain improves. The bottom line.

Acute Respiratory Infection. Heart Attack. Read this next. Medically reviewed by Debra Sullivan, Ph. Symptoms can start gradually and are often worse at night. They typically include pain, tingling, and numbness in the hand and arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also cause weakness in the affected hand.

Some people may experience a loss of proprioception, which is a sense of where the hand is in space. This condition can get worse with time, so early diagnosis and treatment is important. Treatment options include:. Osteoporosis is the gradual loss of bone mass, which causes the bones to become weak and brittle. Osteoporosis tends to develop slowly and is more common in females and older people.

RICE therapy can help with a range of minor injuries, including hand and wrist pain. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation:. There are many possible causes of hand pain.

They range from injuries and overuse to degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury in the forearm. A person can usually treat it at home with rest and over-the-counter medication.

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May 08,  · The journal Australian Family Physician reports that chest wall pain is often caused by inflammation or tears in the chest ineareminusra.planbagerolnorevinnolisuvelrext.comes, pain in the back of the rib cage can wrap around to the front of the chest. Because intercostal muscle pain can feel like heart pain, it’s important for doctors to first rule out cardiac-related events. 11 If doctors confirm that your heart feels sore.

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  6. Chest pain has many possible causes, all of which need medical attention. Heart-related causes. Examples of heart-related causes of chest pain include: Heart attack. A heart attack results from blocked blood flow, often from a blood clot, to your heart muscle. Angina. Angina is the term for chest pain caused by poor blood flow to the heart.
  7. Rest, sometimes while wearing a splint, may fix the problem. Over-the-counter pain medications can ease the pain. Corticosteroid injections (steroid shots) often can help relieve symptoms.

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