Revolvermannen - 003 - Stephen King (6) - Revolvermannen - Det Mörka Tornet 1 (CD, MP3)

In Tull His meeting with Jake- a boy that Roland grows attached to- much to his dismay And his future told by the man in black Thank you Stepheny and Jeff for opening my eyes to a book I once dismissed.

I look forward to the rest of the series. What a great new beginning. View all 61 comments. My third time reading! I have also read this same part of the story in graphic novels and remember references to it through the rest of the Dark Tower saga.

I am definitely looking at this much differently knowing more about what happened before and after this book. I think back to the first time I read it and how I struggled some trying to imagine this fitting into a bigger mythology. Now it all flows much smoother. So, did you know he released this originally the same year as Different Seasons, the Creepshow graphic novel, and the Bachman book The Running Man? Now you do! I think that also puts it into perspective where King was at during his career.

He was in the midst of fighting a lot of inner demons and, as many of you probably know, one of the main themes of the Dark Tower series as a whole is doing battle with inner demons. Knowing that now, it feels like The Gunslinger must have been very cathartic for King at the time. But, it is still a fantastic intro to the series and really creates the perfect atmosphere and mythology without giving too much away. In the end, the build up leaves you wanting to find out what is going to happen next.

I am not even sure what they were thinking when they wrote that script, but it reflects nothing that you will find here. Not even close. They never should have called that movie The Dark Tower or tried to tie it to this. I was even annoyed that the cover of the audio version I listened to was from the movie. That is why I left it one for the original paperback cover version I read 30 years ago.

That is the best of them in my opinion. View all 30 comments. Shelves: read-in , libby-app , audio , fantasy , cowboys. Not my cuppa. Since the book is called Gunslinger I sort of thought there would be guns being slung, but I found that's not really the case. I mean.. I wish, but no. I was told this was the worst of the Dark Tower series, but that it was also the shortest, so that would help make up for it.

But I've got to say that even though this was a relatively small book, there was just nothing in it to make me want to continue. I wasn't interested in anything that was happening. He goes to a gross town, m Not my cuppa. He goes to a gross town, meets sad people, a showdown eventually happens. He meets a kid from our world. They go on a really dull adventure. In the meantime, there are flashbacks of his childhood.

The whole old west setting was boring. The people in the story were boring. And the plot was boring. What was even going on? Yeah, I get what happened at the end, but I truly didn't care. Bottm Line? This one guy tracks this other guy to a tower. I have really enjoyed some of Stephen King's books but this isn't one of them. No offense to people who are megafans of this series but I won't be continuing.

View all 83 comments. My tentative to explain the plot of Gunslinger went kinda like this: a guy, a Gunslinger, travels through a desolated desert to catch a Man in Black, who is a sort of a sorcerer. The Gunslinger reaches a house in the desert where he meets another guy and his talking crow. Over dinner he to that guy how he killed and entire town. Then…spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. Confused much?

I was and still am. What I am trying to say is that the Gunslinger is confusing and frustrating. If you like a straight, clear narrative where you understand whatever the hell is going on, this is not for you. The plot is strange, surreal, with some weird characters, some philosophy, blood, demons, witches and a very long tunnel. Kings himself admits that the novel is hard to understand and he tried to re-write some parts to make it more readable. He started to compose this at 19 and it is obvious that he is trying to prove to himself that he can write and he is trying too hard to sound smart.

I have until 3rd of August when the movie comes out to read the pages left in the series so wish me luck. The trailer is here!

View all 9 comments. I get the popularity, obviously I do. And as a massive King fan, I dish out this rating sadly, for I would have loved nothing more than to tell you this is my new favourite book.

Alas, it was not my taste- and as is such with all my reviews, my rating must be based on my own personal enjoyment and less on a novel's possible literary merit. So I can't tell you if this book is objectively good, I just know that I did not find it to be so. View all 7 comments. This is the beginning of Stephen King's famous magnum opus, the Dark Tower. This is where the master of horror writes his great work of fantasy based on a combination of The Lord of the Rings and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In most ways, this single sentence is what defines this book. For that is how it all begins. The man in black flees across the desert, and the gunslinger follows. In the beginning, the reader has no idea who the man in black is, or even who the gunslinger is. You don't know where this desert is. You don't know why the gunslinger is following the man in black. And you don't know to what end they go. All you know when you start reading this book, is that he does follow him. This is one of those books where you don't get to know anything about anything when you start reading.

The characters go by illusive names like 'the man in black' and 'the gunslinger'. The setting is Nothing more. This had both a positive and a negative effect on my experience with the book. The negative thing is the fact that in the beginning, I understood absolutely nothing of what was going on, and didn't care at all about what happened to the characters.

Why should I, when there was no way to tell who was the good guy, and who was the bad guy except maybe the title of the book , and no characters had any relations to any other characters or places? The positive thing is that the book gets better and better the more you actually get to know. Eventually, you learn who the characters are, what secrets are hidden in their past, and where this dramatic chase is actually taking place.

Thus arises one of the saving graces of this book: its main character. Roland Deschain, Roland of Gilead. Roland is one of those determined and silent protagonists allowing his guns to speak for him instead of his mouth. In most ways, he is reminiscent of Clint Eastwoods character in the famous Dollars trilogy, the Man With No Name which is actually the author's intention. The writing is Yes, I think that would be the best way of describing it. King seems to switch constantly between simplicity and complexity when constructing his sentences, making some strange combinatory lines of long and impressive words and then irritating sounds like "Yar".

That does not mean that the writing is bad, only perhaps that the style does not suit my tastes completely. Despite all that, I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading this book. The story of the Dark Tower series definitely appears to be quite interesting. It is hard to say anything more about it without including spoilers, but once I got to know a bit of what was happening, I was hooked.

Also, since what irritated me the most was that I was thrown into the book without any kind of background knowledge and didn't start to get it until I was halfway through , I think I might enjoy the the rest of the series more, when I've gotten to know the world in which the story takes place, and the characters featured in it.

I will definitely continue reading this series. Whether or not I would recommend either the book or the series is too early to say. This book does absolutely not do as a standalone, and so I must take the next few books into account before I might say anything about that. But since I've repeatedly heard that this book is a lot weaker than its sequels, I'm obviously excited and quite optimistic about reading them. In the end, The Gunslinger unfortunately did not meet my expectations.

That might say something about the book, or it might say something about my expectations. Both options are possible. It's certainly not a bad book, but there's no possibility of it becoming a favourite of mine either. I only hope that the Dark Tower series as a whole is as good as the legend says. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads So here's the deal. I read all ten of the original series graphic novels, then I read the five from the spinoff.

In three days. Then I had to read the real thing. They were pretty much the same story. Maybe that's common in this scenario.

I don't know. I don't think I've read a graphic novelization of an existing book before. But here's the thing: whether it was the additional background or the gut-wrenching illustrations that accompanied Roland's trials and tribulations of which there are many , he's a much more likable character in the graphic novels. Roland is kind of an ass. Not kind of. Really, really an ass. Which is a symptom of the bigger problem: there is a severe lack of character development.

There was insta-love. You: In a Stephen King novel? Me: Not in the traditional sense, but YES. There was. You: O. And that was after he went back and edited it for rerelease. I'm still hooked. Not yet. We'll see. I hear it gets better, but for now I'm shelving it as what-the-hype. Let's face it, I'll probably mess up that resolution though.

On a similar note, who here is still hitting the gym? Thought so. Don't judge me then. Anyway, I know this was a short read but it took me forever to finish it. I think that the idea is fine but it's the writing that is putting me off. I feel the same way about Neil Gaiman , in that I really like the premise and want to read their works but I'm just not feeling their style.

Apparently, Idris Elba is supposed to play the lead character that is, if it doesn't go into production Hell like the other attempts to make this. He's another terrific actor who can play anything. View all 11 comments.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. And our BR gang followed the gunslinger as he tracked the devil, and when he paused to relax and make camp, he told stories of his latest gunfight, his old world, his childhood training and the tests he went through to become a gunslinger King has masterfully created a unique world that integrates fantasy genre with American old west: A mysterious world th The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

King has masterfully created a unique world that integrates fantasy genre with American old west: A mysterious world that poses layers of questions like: Is it a world decedent from our own world?

Or is it a post-apocalyptic western wasteland? Or is it a new world altogether? And moreover, Where did the burgers come from?

Do they also serve French fries? What is the tax situation over there? Ummm, Sreyas, you are not making any sense. I am not making any sense? Have you read this book? For example, My man Roland the gunslinger walks into a township straight out of 19th century, steps into a bar with no electricity nor any modern amenities and asks for a There are machines that can talk, there are sex deprived oracles and ghosts the haunt basements, and there are dialogues that made me question myself: Am I too sober to read this story?

Should I eat a large quantity of sugar before reading this? I have to admit that this is a peculiar book. This is very different from the usual King stories and writing styles. The prose are unique Read: Odd and the slang is weird at times. I had fun while reading this book, but when I did pause to take a breath, the only thought I had was "What the hell am I reading?! And the moment I resumed reading the story, those thoughts simply faded away. That, my friend, must be magic!

On the top of that, I am not sure what's more intriguing: The world of gunslinger or gunslinger himself! When I finished the book, I found that there was no mention of Crimson King, the primary antagonist of the series! That was when I found out that my edition is old!

King revised the book in and added around 35 pages of new content to the story. So I borrowed my friend's Kindle and read the version too. I'm not sure which one is weirder! The revised Roland is less cold-blooded, I think.

In the end, It all reminded me of the new Mad Max movie for some reason. You know, Apocalyptic wasteland, unreal locations, mad people, weird slang. To be exact, take Clint Eastwood and place him in Mad Max world Minus the automobiles , then pick some supernatural elements and cook it up in a cauldron full of LSD, You get Gunslinger.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. This installment acts as an introduction to characters and their world s but preserves most of the answers for later installments. This was the official critic's consensus published in Rotten Tomatoes website. Well played, RT, well played. My fellow gunslingers were united in confusion, but divided by our ratings.

As you can see, I gave the book Four stars. Dean from supernatural makes a cameo apperence in his review! Avinash AKA uh There was a cat involved. It's a long story. You might like it, you might hate it, but you will be confused for sure!

View all 56 comments. This book is something of an oddity. That being, the first time I read it, I would probably have given it 3-stars, and felt quite generous doing so. It was really "meh" and though I was a King fan, I wasn't pleased with it after the hype.

I even delayed reading Book 2 for awhile because I was somewhat turned off. I didn't hate it, but it left me ambivalent for the most part. But this is definitely a book that gets better with time, with re-readings, and with the rest of the series. The second tim This book is something of an oddity. The second time I read it, I probably would have rated it 4-stars, and this was after reading Books 2 and 3 and preparing for the release of Book 4. By this time, I was in love with the series.

I read it again just before Books came out in fairly quick succession. And yes, by then it had earned the 5-star rating you see here. For this fourth read of The Gunslinger, I'm enchanted with it even more than before.

On it's own, the book doesn't do much for me. But when you combine it with the entire series, wow! It's the essential beginning to the essential fantasy series of my generation. The Dark Tower is truly better than the sum of its parts. And as the first part, this thing is the motor that keeps the car running. View all 8 comments. There is joy and also pain but the rain in Spain falls on the plain. We walk in love but fly in chains And the planes in Spain fall in the rain.

There is nothing extraordinary about the sentence on its own, but the enormous epic tale that follows this one sentence is what makes it so memorable. The Gunslinger s an unusually slim volume for King, clocking in at a mere pages the remainder of the series are all long books.

Roland is on a mission to catch a sorcerer called the Man in Black among other names , to gain knowledge about the Dark Tower, the nexus of the multiverse.

The reason why he needs to be there is as yet unclear but it is of overriding importance and he will not let anything stand in his way, not even his own conscience.

The Gunslinger vs the townsfolk of Tull! On his epic journey across Mid-World, after barely surviving being lynched by the entire townsfolk of Tull, Roland comes across Jake Chambers a young boy apparently from our world, Roland soon comes to love him, only to eventually betray him for the sake of his mission not to worry, this is clearly telegraphed early on. What Roland learns about the Dark Tower will keep him and us constant readers busy for years. When I first read The Gunslinger in the 80s I was rather disappointed, the style was not what I expected from King who is always immediately accessible and generally without literary pretensions.

The tone of this book did not seem King-like at all. This was the first King book I have read that is not set in contemporary America, the setting and language just did not click for me at the time. Det av Stephen King. Varsel av Stephen King. Carrie : en rysare om det undermedvetnas krafter av Stephen King. Lida av Stephen King. Pestens tid av Stephen King. Dimman av Stephen King. Duma Key av Stephen King. Signal av Stephen King. Vargarna i Calla av Stephen King. Magiker och glas av Stephen King.

De tre blir dragna av Stephen King. Revolvermannen av Stephen King. Inbunden, Finns i lager, kr. Rasande Rose av Stephen King. Benrangel av Stephen King. Om en Buick 8 av Stephen King. End of Watch eng av Stephen King. Finders Keepers eng av Stephen King. Revival eng av Stephen King A spectacularly dark and electrifying novel about addiction, reli Dolores Claiborne av Stephen King. Pocket, Finns i lager, 69 kr. MP3 CD, Finns i lager, kr.

Carrie av Stephen King. Bok 2 av Stephen King. Desperation av Stephen King. Det av Stephen King. Varsel av Stephen King. Carrie : en rysare om det undermedvetnas krafter av Stephen King. Lida av Stephen King. Pestens tid av Stephen King. Dimman av Stephen King. Duma Key av Stephen King. Signal av Stephen King. Vargarna i Calla av Stephen King. Magiker och glas av Stephen King. De tre blir dragna av Stephen King.

Revolvermannen av Stephen King.

Romansviten Det mörka tornet är Stephen Kings livsverk – ett myllrande rikt fantasiepos som för oss in i världar fulla av skönhet och grymhet, mod och förräderi, magi och stor berä av Gilead, den siste revolvermannen i en värld som gått vidare.

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  1. Jun 01,  · Start by marking “Revolvermannen (Det mörka tornet, #1)” as Want to Read: Dear Stephen King, I'd like to apologize for the times that I've made fun of you in any way, shape or form, including the kid in my English 2 class sophomore year who would not stop raving about you as if you were the only person to ever write a book.4/5.
  2. gjordes filmen Dark Tower. Och du har skonat dig själv om du har missat att ha sätt den. Då böckerna kring Stephen King universumet, Det mörka tornet är så mycket bättre samt att det är en flört tills hans andra många skräckfyllda verk. Revolvermannen är den första i serien om sju böcker.
  3. Romansviten Det mörka tornet är Stephen Kings livsverk - ett myllrande rikt fantasiepos som för oss in i världar fulla av skönhet och grymhet, mod och förräderi, magi och stor berättarkonst. I en främmande värld med genklanger från vår egen möter vi för första gången Roland av Gilead, den siste revolvermannen, en ensam hämnare ständigt på väg genom ett ödelagt land på 3/5(7).
  4. Det känns otroligt härligt att sitta med Revolvermannen och veta att nu kommer hela sviten, den omfattande historien om Det Mörka Tornet, ut på svenska en gång för alla, även om det kommer att ta fyra år (vilket inte är någonting i jämförelse med de 22 år sviten tog på sig att komma ut i originalspråk, 34 om man räknar från när King började skriva om Revolvermannen).
  5. Revolvermannen, Det Mörka Tornet del 1 - Stephen King Roland av Gilead är den siste av revolvermännen, ett slags beskyddare av lag och ordning, av det goda. Han är .
  6. Det mörka tornet 1 - Revolvermannen av Stephen King Det mörka tornet har jag tänkt läsa hur länge som helst men det har av någon anledning aldrig blivit av. Rätt var det var så bara fanns den där som någonting King äntligen avslutat men som jag liksom aldrig följt från början.
  7. Revolvermannen är början på en mäktig saga, en berättelse som utforskar både vår omvärld och vårt inre. Tillsammans med de följande delarna av Det mörka tornet är den det mäktigaste och mest originella verk som skapats inom den moderna fantasylitteraturen som utgått från J.R.R. Tolkiens Ringarnas herre.
  8. Veckans recension: Det mörka tornet I: Revolvermannen av Stephen King När vi för första gången får se Roland av Gilead, den siste kvarvarande revolvermannen i en värld som har ”gått vidare”, är han mitt ute i öknen, på jakt efter mannen i svart.

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