T. V. Set - The Cramps - Totally Destroy Seattle!! (Vinyl, LP)

I plan on doing a you tube video of the cramps vinyl in my collection. Vinyl richie. Post a Comment. Why it has not been given official release with great fanfare, and is not physically in the hands of everyone reading this, is a mystery for the ages. Everything that was great about s rockabilly was vacuumed up and then owned by The Cramps, and they happened to infuse what was already a wild form with a simultaneous punk rock abandon and a sense of detached cool that made for a pretty goddamn compelling package.

But Lux was different. But no one knew much of this stuff existed before , when these cultural hidden undergrounds started to be shaken up by a select few.

The most obvious case, if I must mention one, is that of Ed Wood Jr. There are more Cramps-inspired bands than Beatles-inspired bands… or possibly anyone else. The Cramps were a super-specific, weird little band that never stopped, broke up, or faltered for 33 years, and were only halted by the death of lead singer Lux Interior in How many bands thrive and stay popular, without a record deal or support from anyone besides legions of fans that hang onto their every word?

The Cramps are a clue in how to be personally successful in whatever freaky form you choose. Will look forward the next batch of Cramps. It makes a lot of difference on my Pocket Musiko , Jun 22, Forgot to mention I did bought the new re-issue of Look Mom No Head on Vengeance and it's not a great sounding record Really clear and bright sounding Location: London. Regarding the Gravest Hits release, why are there red and black covers?

Are they first and second editions? Anyway, looking to pick up the Drastic Plastic reissue. Really like these songs. And I kind of got more and more into it as time went on. I still work for the school system in Frederick as a graphic designer, but I do a lot of freelance art on the side, so I do a lot of stuff for bands and things like that these days.

You were a fan of the Cramps and you started bringing them artwork when they would appear in DC? Right, in fact, any time I saw them even outside of the city. In fact, the first time I bought tickets for them, the show got cancelled because it was when Bryan Gregory left the band and then they had to reschedule. So I caught them the very next time when they came through. The Slickee Boys opened for them because I remember the poster.

By the time I gave them the artwork that they used for the Bad Music cover, they were already familiar with me. They knew me by name and we would talk at every show.

And the great thing about the Club was that you could kind of just walk down the stairs, knock on the door, and pretty much every time you would do that either the band would open the door to see who it was or somebody working for the band—you know, like people traveling with them.

I always kind of got through to the band, and bands were always eager to see what their fans were bringing them. An integral part of the early Cramps sound was dual guitars, without a bassist. They also were influenced to a degree by the Ramones and Screamin' Jay Hawkins , who were an influence for their style of theatrical horror-blues.

Despite being a Blues band by concept according to Ivy, the Cramps have influenced countless subsequent bands in the garage, punk and revival rockabilly styles, [7] [8] and helped create the psychobilly genre. Lux took his stage name from a car ad, and Ivy claimed to have received hers in a dream she was first Poison Ivy Rorschach, taking her last name from that of the inventor of the Rorschach test.

Records label. Once back to the east coast, they played the revamped s swing club "The Meadowbrook" in New Jersey, which had a huge stage and dance floor. The Cramps were the featured act, with opening set by Nozon and the Smiths in While recording their second LP, Psychedelic Jungle , the band and Miles Copeland began to dispute royalties and creative rights.

The ensuing court case prevented them from releasing anything until , when they recorded Smell of Female live at New York's Peppermint Lounge ; Kid Congo Powers subsequently departed. Mike Metoff of the Pagans cousin of Nick Knox was the final second guitarist — albeit only live — of the Cramps' pre-bass era. He accompanied them on an extensive European tour in that had been cancelled twice because they could not find a suitable guitarist which included four sold out nights at the Hammersmith Palais.

Big Beat from Badsville. Epitaph Records Released: Catalogue number: Fiends of Dope Island. Off the Bone. Bad Music for Bad People. How to Make a Monster.

Jun 16,  · "Totally Destroy Seattle!" Astor Park Great Soundboard.

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  1. Sep 20,  · AMAZING BOOT ¡¡¡ Cover is hand silkscreened in 3 colours, back has a insert glued, labels are yellow and the vinyl is middle translucent red and mauve, sound is fantastic, one of the best bootlegs of the cramps, was pressed in canada, in the middle of eithgties, i think there are about5/5(2).
  2. Sep 05,  · referencing Totally Destroy Seattle!!, LP, Album, Unofficial, none AMAZING BOOT ¡¡¡ Cover is hand silkscreened in 3 colours, back has a insert glued, labels are yellow and the vinyl is middle translucent red and mauve, sound is fantastic, one of the best bootlegs of the cramps, was pressed in canada, in the middle of eithgties, i /5(13).
  3. THE CRAMPS Vinyl Records and CDs: From the swamps of B-movie back lots and the rays of cathode television tubes, the Cramps are, after over twenty years, still creeping out with their absolutely unique, horror-fried rock 'n' roll. Their music is blood and sweat. With a strong, basic rock backbeat and a loud, distorted, driving guitar pushing a.
  4. Releases of THE CRAMPS on Music On Vinyl. Receive the weekly e-mail with our latest releases and news.
  5. May 11,  · 3. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 4. I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time 5. Primitive 6. Goo Goo Muck 7. Reality (Beautiful Gardens) 8. TV Set 9. Sunglasses After Dark Garbage Man Psychotic Reaction Download: The Cramps - Totally Destroy Seattle (MB).
  6. Feb 14,  · The Cramps - "Totally Destroy Seattle!!" Astor Park, Seattle, USA - 20th May, Great Soundboard - Quality: /10 Setlist: 01 - Domino 02 - Human Fly 03 - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 04 - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time 05 - Primitive 06 - Goo Goo Muck 07 - Reality (Beautiful Gardens) 08 - TV Set 09 - Sunglasses After Dark
  7. Shop Official The Cramps Merch, Vinyl Records, Shirts and More. % Authentic Merchandise & Vinyl.
  8. The Secret Life of the Cramps: B-sides collection Sex & Cramps & Rock'N'Roll! live at Markthalle Hamburg, Germany on April 18, Songs the Cramps Taught Us 2! live in Offenbach am Main, Germany in These Pussies Can Do the Dog: live in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 3, Totally Destroy Seattle!! live in Seattle, WA on May 20,

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