The Bats* - Whos That Girl / Stop Exchange (Vinyl)

There's something about getting a spanking from a male that I was very sensitive to and embarrassed by. I didn't even like it if my dad and brothers were in the house when my mom spanked me in my bedroom. It really got to me. Especially when I was past 3rd grade. When I was older, if my dad actually used something other than his hand, it was "the paddle". Which was 1 of 2 things. Either the ping pong paddle from our table tennis set we had down in our basement, or an old hairbrush that had lost its bristles.

My mom also used to use our little bolo bats the ones with the little rubber ball attached when the balls would fall off. She'd write your name on it and leave it on top of the fridge to grab if she needed to. Those could sting, but only on your underwear. Over jeans, they snapped in half and you didn't feel a thing. The hairbrush back was the worst thing to be spanked with The most embarrassing situation happened when I was also in the first grade.

I went through a phase where I didn't want to go to school. I would cry, whine, and stubbornly refuse to go to school. I received a couple of spankings at home because of my ornery behavior. My dad dropped us kids off at school on his way to work, or after his shift depending on his schedule at the time.

I put up some good fussing. My dad had to walk me to my classroom on several occasions. I know my classmates got a kick out of me being delivered to school by force of a policeman. They all knew he was my daddy, but it was still entertaining. I pushed my daddy a little too far once. I was putting up a royal fuss and being very unreasonable. My dad delivered me to my classroom. I continued to whine and fuss. My other classmates were at their seats. My dad grabbed my arm and said loud enough for my teacher and all my classmates to hear, "You better straighten up right now Missy.

I'm about ready to turn you over my knee, flip your skirt up, and spank you in front of everybody. That would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn't it? I stopped my sniveling at once and got ready like a good girl.

My dad being a police officer used to come home later when he worked some strange shifts. When he got off at p. We got our kiss and hug and were whisked off to bed.

I was a "Daddy's Girl" who pushed my limits a little, and many times it worked with daddy. I would climb out of bed to give him one more hug and kiss, or to ask him to read me just one story. There was one night; however, when my luck would run out. I wanted so badly to stay up and spend time with my daddy. I got out of bed for an extra kiss, to hear a story, and because I couldn't sleep.

My dad told me after the last excuse that I needed to stay in bed. I still couldn't sleep so I got out of bed again and went downstairs one more time. My dad saw me and calmly motioned and said, "Come here Cara. He didn't look upset, so I went over to climb on his lap. Before I had a chance I found myself across his lap getting a spanking.

I was tricked! At that age, I thought it was a mean trick. There was an incident when I was 7 years-old that was very close to a spanking. I refused to try any salad type dish that had mayonaise as the base.

My mom was pretty understanding when it came to food. I was the only one in the family with an aversion to mayonaise, actually eggs in general. She never tried to make me eat the dishes that had mayo in them. She wanted me to try them, but she never made me eat them.

I was pretty stubborn and would even refuse to try the dish or entree. My mom just left me alone and told my dad that my taste buds would mature on their own. My dad didn't like my stubborn refusal. During one of the meals, my family was enjoying enjoying potato salad with ham. I refused to eat the potato salad. My mom didn't push the issue, and just let me eat the ham, fruit salad, and bread.

My dad was determined to make me try the potato salad. He made me sit on his lap as he held a fork full up to my mouth. I refused and shut my mouth tight. He started losing patience with me. I wasn't going comply. I tried to struggle away. He tried opening my mouth, I wouldn't let him.

He gave me one swat on the bottom and I opened my mouth. The potato salad food its way in. I tried to spit it out, but my dad covered my mouth. I started crying and feeling sick. I drank about three cups of Koolaid to get rid of the taste. I didn't want to eat the rest of the meal. My mother was mad my father for pushing the issue. She blamed him for ruining my meal and our family time together. My aversion to mayonaise was respected by my family after that. I remember one situation when I was about I misbehaved enough for Mother to get hold of Father in his shop on the ground floor for an immediate spanking which was very unusual and he took me into the master bedroom on the first floor.

The bedroom window frame had two large casements below and two small ones above. The latter were always open for ventilation during summer and were so high up that you needed a ladder to close them. So down came my knickers and I bent over the cold bronze metal tube foot end of the bed, dug my fingers into the bedspread, closed my eyes, tightened every muscle in my body and gritted my teeth deciding to not let out one sound.

Me thinking : AUW. Me thinking : AUWW. I said "I hate you" once thinking it may hurt her and maybe cause tears. Well it caused tears but not for her. She spanked me harder and longer and I learned that was a stupid thing to say. Mom was spanked as a child and likely used all the same expressions to no avail. Of course none of these pleas and protests did any good. Mom always said she'd used the same pleas when she was a girl, so she'd heard them all before! During the spanking it was just a load of childish jibberish from my mouth:.

I won't do it again! It hurts! It stings! I'll behave! I'll be good! Oh please stop, Mom. I did get off relatively easy. Dad would use his belt as we bent across the bed. His target was the lower part of the buttocks -- the part that came in contact with the chair when sitting. However, it was not unusual for the upper thighs and the crease separating legs and butt to be included.

It is supposed to hurt! I also remember my husband having to fight a chuckle when our young daughter informed him that she was "a Princess and Princesses do NOT get spanked! The lesson of learning to obey one's parents was an extremely important one when I was growing up and it was equally important in my own household when raising my own children.

It makes me very sad to observe young parents today who don't really even expect obedience from their children when they tell them to do something. I remember my own daughter, who was the strong willed variety can't imagine where she got that from! I've always felt those who carried the excess baggage "I have a terrible relationship with my parents now because they spanked my little bottom. I agree some parents overdo it, even to the point of being abusive, but I feel you should learn to move on.

One person in particular was a friend and former co-worker of mine. We were all setting around in the break room talking about our kids and the subject got around to discipline. One woman spoke up while we talked about the "beatings" our little darlings had to endure, and she snapped at us and walked out of the room. As she was a friend I followed her to find out what was bothering her.

When I asked her what was wrong, she started telling me about her horrible childhood, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother and the fact she hardly ever spoke to her. I finally asked her what her mother used to do to her. She said, "she used to beat me". I said, "She beat you? So I asked her, "What did she do? Then I started laughing. I said, "Honey, You weren't abused, you were spanked. That I got spankings with flyswatters, paddles, hairbrushes and belts as well as by hand.

She had no idea other people spanked their kids on the bare fanny and thought her mother was sick for doing it. I told her, I bet most people have had their bare bottom spanked at least once in their life, and anybody that hasn't probably should have. My mother had the homemade wooden spoon. It was thicker and heavier than most wooden spoons. It was just our luck that mom used that spoon for spanking. I tried several times to hide that horrible spoon. My mother was a stay at home mom and a neat-nick.

She always seemed to find it. I thought I was successful at hiding it once. My sister and I were about 7 and 6 at the time. We got in trouble together and my mom was looking for her wooden spoon. She must have given up looking for it because she grabbed her red, plastic spoon to spank my sister and I with.

I think that plastic spoon hurt just as much, if not more than the wooden one. When I was little, from about the ages of , my friends and I would talk about our spankings. I used to think I was the only one with a mom who spanked bare bottom.

That was until I met my friend Sherry. It sounded like she received it worse than I did. I am very fair skinned. I am not only very pale, but also have very sensitive skin. I'd have to say that my parents usually spanked us until our bottoms were pink and warm. There were only two times that I looked at my spanked bottom in a mirror.

The first time I was 7 and had been spanked on my bare bottom. The second time I was 12 and received a very hard, belt spanking over my panties. Those were probably two of my worst spankings, and both times my bottom was bright pink almost red and hot. There were not lasting marks and the heat eventually went away.

I have five beautiful children. Of course both my partner and I are fully supportive of spanking as a parental tool when required. The laws here allow spanking but not beating, of which is a good decision for parents and common sense. All my sisters and brothers spank also, except one of my sisters. Until turning 11 we were always spanked on the bum by hand only. Both folks used to alternate from cheek to cheek starting at the top and working their way down so all over was "well done" but the tops of the legs were spared.

After our 11th birthday we graduated to the hairbrush. The hairbrush I hated for two reasons, one because it was far more painful than just an open hand but most of all because towards the end of the spanking both parents would finish on the sit spot which they never seemed to do when using just their hand.

Or maybe the hand did not have the same effect there as the hairbrush. Part of me was glad when I felt the first stroke there as I knew the spanking was coming to an end but I also dreaded it as it was hurting far more than what I had already gone through.

The amount of strokes there seem to depend on the nature of the crime but you could expect at least 6 on each side. Both parents spanked the same way, my mother told me in later years that it was deliberately done so as both parents wanted to be seen as even handed as opposed to one being harder or softer than the other.

Mum lifted her hand a bit higher than Dad but the impact was around the same. I can relate to what Boomhauer mentioned about marks being noticed at the swimming pool.

In my youth seventies it was never heard of for boys or girls to wear shorts while swimming in the county town I lived in. For the girls it was either a one or two piece and for the boys just togs.

It was no use making a fuss about it either to my folks as that could invite another one. Easier said than done! We had beaches near us that we used to visit quite regularly during the summer months.

There were people about but not overly crowded except maybe on a hot weekend. More often than not Mum would be the one to take us. Usually after an hour or so she would have someone over her knee while she sat on the sand for fighting or throwing sand etc.

For us girls it was usually bikini bottoms down to our knee, we all tended to wear two piece swim wear when we were younger, and she use to whack us with her thong what you call sandles or slippers in the US I think. I must have been around 12 once when my younger brothers and sisters had built a sand castle which looked great.

A couple of adults told my mum what I had done when they saw whose parent the sand castle builders belonged too while I was swimming. I came out of the water, not knowing I had been sprung, and walked up to Mum to grab my towel. As I leant over she grabbed me and there I was over her knees. I was pleading with Mum to let me keep my bikini briefs up and were holding the top of them with one hand.

Mum just grabbed my arm with one hand, had the briefs down to my knees and grabbed the thong to start the spanking in one swift action. Mum gave my bum a good tanning though red not brown in color.

After the spanking a few parents commented to mum that she was a good parent and no one said anything negative about the episode. I once asked my Mum how did she know how long to spank us. Some were longer than others, it depended on the crime.

Lying would obtain you a longer spanking from either parent than say mouthing off. Swearing was up there with lying, and one had one's mouth soaped as well. Stealing topped the list. I spoke to my Mum when I was expecting my first child about why she had spanked us on our bare skin. She said one of the reasons she gave us bare bottom spankings was because it was the way she and dad always got them.

She said she was also told by her mum that it made the punishment more meaningful and thus something more to avoid. Mom's remark--something like "I guess we can use this if I can't find my hairbrush"--waste of money. I never got spanked with it--but I am pretty sure she never read it--if she did she paid it no heed.

My bottom was never red. Even from the hardest spankings it was slightly pinkened over the roundest area and maybe a little less pink at my upper thighs.

I don't know if my mom and dad just didn't spank as hard as some, or if I have lucky skin. It still stung terribly and felt almost wind burned after, but I checked a few times, thinking I could run and show the parent who didn't give me the spanking, and get the other one in trouble, and no redness. In my heart I was furious at her and felt that she was being terribly unfair to me. I didn't dare let my anger show on the outside, even in my expression on my face, because anger towards my parents was absolutely forbidden in our family.

If I broke this rule I risked getting a switching, which was the worst punishment in the world when I was a child. I was as sullen as I dared as we went from room to room together, me dusting and my mother vacuuming. I kept thinking about how much fun my friends were having and about how I was missing it all because I had such a mean mother who was so stupid and unfair. She told me to wipe the pout off my face at least once, which I mostly did, sort of. Out of spite I also wasn't doing quite as good of a job of dusting as I ought to have done.

Indeed I was doing just as poor of a job as I dared. I didn't feel like doing the least bit more for her than I thought I could get away with. As it turned out I thought I could get away with just a little more than I actually could. We were in the middle of doing my room when she suddenly turned off the vacuum cleaner and said, "I have had quite enough of your attitude young lady. What you need is a good spanking.

And that is just what you are going to get. I certainly felt fear as she sat down on the edge of my bed and put me across her knee and the bed.

A forest fire rages drawing closer to Stockton. The only solution, a firebreak made with nitroglycerin! The Barkley boys volunteer to take the nitroglycerin to the fire! Victoria is captured by crooked prison guards, who plan to substitute her for a convict they murdered.

A community of mountain dwellers, who live by their own laws, capture Heath and force him into slavery for killing one of their own in self defense. The Barkleys hire convicts to help with their crops as part of a parole system, but a sadistic guard is determined to make his charges miserable.

On the trail of the two thieving brothers who shot Jarrod during a robbery, Nick and Heath find them in a town where they are not only considered the leading citizens, but practically saints. Wracked with grief when his new bride is murdered, an enraged Jarrod relentlessly hunts down her killer. A wealthy Mexican visits the Barkley's and brings a valuable necklace.

A female rebel comes to the ranch, planning to steal the necklace and bring it back to Mexico to help fund a Revolution. Nick and Heath join a posse led by a legendary marshal. However, the marshal is no longer the same man they knew in the past and he has become reckless and he endangers the lives of all of his deputies. Jarrod travels to complete a merger deal between another mining company and the Barkley mines but problem arise when small mine owner get in the way.

Nick falls in love with a sly new woman in town who slowly warms to his attentions, however she forgets to mention that she's already married. A Senator comes to Stockton to campaign for re-election, but findsomething himself the target of a smear campaign that pulls Victoria in as well.

Victoria and Audra Barkley unexpectedly meets a Commanding Officer in the Union army who rescued them from a freak accident on the road. He takes an immediate liking to Audra, but unknown to them he is a physcologically disturbed and is obsessed with purity. A mysterious woman arrives at Stockton only to be the centre of hate, prejudice and ill-will in the town.

Jarrod Barkley is conflicted as he had met her in the past questioning her actions in the war. She meets a widower a man who believes that she is his wife of a questionable character. Edward J. Nick Barkley encounters a wild puma who has a near death experience.

He joins a man hired by the Barkleys to hunt the cat much to his protests against him, fearing his safety and survival. Nick's life is in the balance. Jarrod Barkley travels to a strange town intent on meeting three brothers on a business deal. Upon arrival he hears that they have all been lynched, reasons unknown. The Barkleys meet a short timid man who is believed to be a jinx as whatever he sets his hands to becomes a disaster.

Heath has an interesting encounter with a young woman who is obsessed with and plans to marry him much to the objections of her brothers. Things may not be what they seem to be. Audra witnesses the brutal murder of a close friend and her family. Victoria takes her home to Stockton by stagecoach, when the stage and its passengers are pursued but mysterious riders, who tries to distrupt their journey by overturning wells and burning shelters.

Audra is in shock and has been rendered mute. Victoria protects and fights for her daughter amidst the negativity from the outside and the inside. Heath saves the life of a man who turns out to be a hired killer, on his way to Stockton to accept a job - killing Heath. A woman who is a seamstress is believed by Nick and his friends to be a legendary outlaw.

Heath takes in his care and protection a baby entrusted to him by an outlaw's dying wife, who is on his way home. A jealous rancher has Nick Barkley and two men captive believing one of them to be his wife's outside lover. Nick attempt to escape but has a shocking discovery. Victoria is kept away from her brother-in-law who is told he has become insane by mysterious persons.

An African- American cowboy is believed to be a legendary and special man with the ability to tame horses with ease on the ranch. Silas the Barkley's householder questions his intentions and his existence. A man seeks to make the life of Jarrod Barley difficult who believes that he and his wife are having an affair whilst he is absent on business.

Heath Barkley on his way to a mining town called Midas is injured by a man who befriends him who turned out to be a robber. Heath is believed by the residents of the town to be a payroll robber where the residents has a grudge against the Barleys and their partner Dutton in the town's mining company.

Victoria Barley goes undercover at a women's prison to investigate the conditions there. A young woman has a strange friendship with a young man believed to be an Indian prince who has for his mentor a man of a questionable character. Jarrod tries to warn her but then things became late much to her discovery with a scandal amidst. Rolling Stone. Adweek , volume 40, issue June 21, Melody Maker , volume 76, issue 47, page December 8, Billboard , volume , issue 41, page October 9, Library and Archives Canada.

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May 08,  · The cover echoes its content: there’s the pretty -- lead singer Gwen Stefani channels ‘50s pinup poster girl imagery -- and the ugly, a wilting tree with rotting oranges and flies circling the.

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  1. Shop Who's That Girl [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [LP] VINYL at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Price Match $
  2. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Pete Clifford at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All; Trending Releases Bats - Rip Van Willy / Waiting For You ‎ (7 The Bats* - Who's That Girl / Stop Exchange ‎ (7.
  3. Brand new copy of the crystal clear vinyl edition of this soundtrack. Features 4 Madonna tracks as well as Scritti Politti and Coati Mundi. A1 Who's That Girl A2 Causing A Commotion A3 The Look Of Love A4 24 Hours A5 Step By Step B1 Turn It Up B2 Best Thing Ever B3 Can't Stop .
  4. The Bats [South Africa] - Invula Manzi (Corn King Song) / Bayête - RTC - South Africa () Next by Artist The Bats [South Africa] - Who's That Girl / Stop Exchange - CBS - South Africa ().
  5. Madonna -Who's That Girl. Madonna -Causing a Commotion. Madonna -The Look of Love. Madonna -Can't Stop. Who's That Girl. Catalog Number & Year: WB/Sire 9 , Release, made in USA. Record Condition: Sealed, Never used, excellent condition.
  6. "Who's That Girl" is a song by Swedish pop singer Robyn, written and composed by herself and brother-and-sister production duo The Knife for her self-titled fourth studio album (). The track was released as the album's second single in Scandinavia in (see in music) and fifth UK single on April 28, (see in music).
  7. This item is a glitter enhanced record album cover made from the original vintage album cover. Original record albums are my homage to the by-gone era of vinyl and the beautiful original album art. I've combined my love of coloring, glitter, music, and vintage to .
  8. Unique Whos That Girl Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get up to 50% off. White or transparent.

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