The Chalice Well - The Energy Of Love Formation - Glastonbury (CD, Album)

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Click Here! REPO Madness is beginning to make the financial crisis look like a walk in the park. The one cover version I have sung here is ' This little bird ', written by John D. Loudermilk and made famous originally by Marianne Faithfull. I found I wanted to slow it right down and almost whisper it, but then to have the song explode and die in a brief piano crescendo. I practiced it times, and the ending was never the same.

I've been singing it for nearly thirty years, and I sang it on the streets in Mexico when I lived there as a younger man. I sang it to my then Mexican girlfriend, but I had never before recorded it. Curiously, when I was about to complete this album, I toyed again with the idea of recording ' House of the rising sun ', and pretty much the same thing happened at this end point as had happened at the beginning.

I awoke with the impulse to compose a new song at the eleventh hour, and within two hours I had completed it. This became ' Song of the blue lotus ', and ' House of the rising sun ' never got recorded. I have learned that the blue lotus is a sacred flower from Egyptian times, and that the oil is inhaled to enhance meditation. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac, both bodily and spiritually. I inhaled some, found it utterly intoxicating in the subtlest way imaginable, promptly fell asleep and awoke with this song the following morning.

As it turned out, this last-gasp song I came up with seemed like the most natural song to begin the whole album with, and so I went with that. London born singer-songwriter Asher Quinn has been recording music for over two decades.

His latest release, the track Falling Through Time , is a medley of emotional ballads and polished musical accompaniment. Combined with his wavering vocals, the listener is quickly aware this is not an average album.

Instead, Falling Through Time serves as an inviting introduction to a man of deep thoughts and reflections. Relaxed music and introspective lyrics take the listener on a journey of the supernatural. Almost meditative, this calm state follows throughout the remainder of the album. Light strokes of the piano combined with haunting singing follows suit on 'This Little Bird'. Quinn is clearly a prolific songwriter, but the album tends to be a bit top-heavy with ballads, for my liking.

Fortunately, soaring guitar accompaniment on 'Visions' helps diversify the LP. The upbeat 'The Raggle Taggle Gypsies' switches gears and manages to liven things up.

The fun track showcases a new sound for Quinn with an dynamic singing style and a prevalent foot stomp throughout. While his ballads are powerful, it is when he lightens the mood, like on 'The Raggle Taggle Gypsies', that he leaves the biggest mark. Others have put forth the theory that the terraces are in actuality defence structures. It would spiral around the Tor 7 times and eventually bring the worshiper up to the top where the tower now stands.

Looking out over the plains you can see for miles, and on a clear day you may even se as far as Cadbury Castle. Oh Wow! Drinking fountain, Chalice Well. The ancient deer goddess Elen of the Ways stands in the center to guide you on your journey. Collective dream experiences shared dreams have been successfully established.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading I hope I have time to watch your videos this weekend, Feilla!

Expressing my intent to board GLS Ceilidh. Have a good one everyone. I intend to join this dreamflight and board the Ceilidh. Thank you. So, this intent just not only means so much, but also already tells… The last two days, I kept having dreams about school, movement, bridges. I intended to join the Ceilidh and here was my experience from that attempt. Hmmm… Golden, do you have any more thoughts about it, after a day or two?

Expect to be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected? Thank you Dreamwalker Amazing love. When we were walking the in silence in the garden I felt like the whole Universe was working with us, especially in the evening at It was incredible energy. So many beings of light were working with us, a chain of love and light.

OK, Where do we go from here? The cohesion of the group was amazing. There were so many interactions, things that needed to be said, that at the beginning it was difficult to focus on what was going on, but very soon our energies connected and we supported each other as a group. It was so intense, so intense. This is amazing. We might expect some wonderful things to happen very soon. Applaud yourself if you attended the meditation. Cobra is the code name for Compression Breakthrough and the compression breakthrough is what is happening right now.

The energies that are supporting the liberation of the planet are becoming more and more intense every minute actually as we speak. I feel the Event could happen soon. The word soon is of course used many times, but it feels like it is building up, building up, building up. I kept it in my hand except when I was driving, and when I was driving I put it on my chair between my legs.

I have it in my hands now. Icosahedron and the dodecahedron are Platonic bodies. They are the inversion of each other because the icosahedron has twenty sides and twelve points, and the dodecahedron has twelve sides and twenty points, which are a pentagon. The shape of the icosahedron is an isosceles triangle. Just amazing geometry that I have in my hands; not only geometry, also a piece of iron that I have with me.

I think this crystal will stay with me forever. I want to thank Cobra from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful crystal. It has a very important meaning for me. At the closing ceremony, source energy was coming though so intensely. I have no words for it. I become silent. Later, later, when disclosures are coming out through the mass media, I think we will look back on this activation portal of Aion, and see and know that what actually happened…because it still has to….

Oh, by the way, Kathy sent me a message today that there were seven volcanoes in seven countries that erupted simultaneously at the time of the activation of the Aion portal. Seven volcanoes.

Amazing news. This triggered a lot in the physical also, in the physical plane of planet Earth, Mother Earth, Gaia. So, the reason that we are here back in our home after being in Firenze—I think we need time to elaborate and rest. Very important to rest and absorb the energies and let them flow through your body and your light body—because this is the most intense activation that I ever experienced.

In a nutshell, a beautiful experience. I hope to see Cobra in Glastonbury in England on the 21st of December. You can go to his blog, portal. I think it is now time for me to have a little music, so stay tuned.

I am contributing it to all the light-workers who are listening right now to have a little healing from this sound. Thank you all for being here. So, here we are back on Planet Earth. The fundamental process of the liberation of the planet was the Aion Portal opening. It was great success. But I am still having it all straight out.

When I speak about myself and my essence, I am somebody special, unique—everybody is unique, of course—but I know that when I want something, I do it. From his own personal journey along the Celtic path, Donald McKinney shows how their wisdom can be applied to enrich our day-to-day lives. He explores the Celtic connection with the natural world, showing us how to find our own Sacred Space and tap into earth energies through meditation.

Revealing the power and significance of the changing seasons and lunar cycles, he also offers practical guidance on the Celtic approach to everything from relationships to work and health. Donald McKinney recaptures the lost wisdom of our forebears and shows it is still very much relevant to our lives today. On reading the first page of this book, I felt as I were in a gentle mist; in it and part of it at one and same time.

The more I read, the more I resonated with the message it brings — to reconnect to the natural order, to step outside the turmoil and pressures of the mundane and be at peace and in tune with the natural world around. This is a unique and practical guide; a veritable treasure house of information.

James and Anakha Coman are having a conversation and are discussing Oneness, how Anakha uses it and how James came across it. They have broken down the process into 40 practices that can profoundly change your life and how you see the world. Over the course of 40 days the reader will discover a wide range of aspects of Oneness from creativity, through heartbreak to forgiveness. It is also inspiring that James and Anakha explore the shadow side of spirituality, as I feel we need to see our shadow selves, so that we embrace all aspects of our being.

This ensures that the whole of our being can be seen, reviewed and healed, this then has a knock on effect not only on ourselves, but on those around us and then outward on to the planet.

I have used these practices and have noticed a difference, I believe in sharing inspirational books so have loaned this out to quite a few people so they can gain the insight.

I need to get the book back so that I can re-hone these skills again. It is a beautiful collection of quotes from the course.

You can read it cover to cover, or pick it up and choose a passage to read. This book is an inspiration, especially just opening the book upon a page and reading the passage that your eyes light upon. Just before going to bed, helps the mind and body to gain a sense of peace, so that sleep comes more profoundly and you feel yourself surrounded by and cushioned by words from spirit, a sense of divine love inspires your dreams. The code was translated to "The Killers Shot at the Night".

On September 16, , exactly ten years to the day of their first show in London, The Killers released " Shot at the Night " which was produced by Anthony Gonzalez. It was also revealed that they would be releasing their first greatest hits compilation, Direct Hits released on November 11, The release of Direct Hits was followed by a short promotional tour, the band also played a number of festivals in The band headlined the opening night of the new T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas strip on April 6, , the band were joined during their set by a number of guests including "Mr.

The statement emphasized that Stoermer was still involved in working on the band's fifth album and will still occasionally perform live with them in the future. On September 30 and October 1, , the band including Stoermer celebrated the tenth anniversary of their second album, Sam's Town , by playing two nights at the Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall , which the album was named after.

For these shows, they played the album in full from start to finish. The Killers released their fifth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful , on September 22, The run of shows concluded with a sold-out headline performance at the British Summer Time festival in London's Hyde Park. The Killers released a statement on August 28, , confirming that neither Stoermer nor Keuning would participate in the band's upcoming Wonderful Wonderful World Tour, while reiterating that both are still members of the band.

They also welcomed onstage Jack Riewoldt , a fan and a vice-captain of the Richmond side that had been victorious against Adelaide in the Grand Final, to perform "Mr. Brightside" with them.

Wonderful Wonderful became the band's first album to reach the number one spot on the US Billboard ; [74] it also claimed the top spot on the UK Album Chart , making The Killers the first international act to have their first five studio albums reach number one in the UK. In May , Flowers told the Irish Independent that he wanted to make another album with the band. On January 14, , the band released the standalone track, "Land of the Free", the official music video for which was directed by Spike Lee.

On November 15, , The Killers announced their 6th studio album titled Imploding the Mirage for a Spring release. In an interview with Rolling Stone published on May 5, , Flowers and Vannucci stated that while Keuning is on hiatus from the band and that they had difficulties in working on the new album without him, and he is welcome to return to the band.

They also stated that although Stoermer's role in the band continues to be limited due to pyro-inflicted hearing damage suffered during a past show in London, he is still close with Flowers and Vannucci, was involved in the recording of the album, and is expected to play select live shows once touring resumes. Well, we really are! It might be better than [ Imploding the Mirage ].

The Killers have been grouped with various genres, [] [] including alternative rock , [] indie rock , [] post-punk revival , [] new wave , [] heartland rock , [] pop rock , [] [] synth-pop , [] [] [] pop , [] [] glam rock , [] dance-rock , [] dance-pop , [] arena rock , [] and electronic rock.

Invited by U. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who was up for re-election. In they announced that they would be releasing no more Christmas singles but that they hoped another band would carry on the tradition, to wrap things up they released a compilation album Don't Waste Your Wishes featuring all ten previous singles plus a cover of the holiday classic " I'll Be Home For Christmas " which featured vocals from Brandon Flowers' former elementary school teacher and Korean War veteran Ned Humphrey Hansen.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Killers disambiguation and Killer disambiguation. Not to be confused with The Kills. American rock band. Alternative rock indie rock post-punk revival new wave heartland rock pop rock synth-pop. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Current members Brandon Flowers — lead vocals, keyboards —present , bass guitar , —present Dave Keuning — lead guitar, backing vocals —present , rhythm guitar — — on hiatus —present Mark Stoermer — bass guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals —present , lead guitar —present — on hiatus —present Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

Current touring members Ted Sablay — lead guitar, backing vocals —, —present , rhythm guitar, keyboards —, — Jake Blanton — keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals —present , bass guitar —present , lead guitar — Amanda Brown — backing vocals —present Erica Canales — backing vocals —present Danielle Withers — backing vocals —present Taylor Milne — rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals —present Robbie Connolly — keyboards, rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals —present Former touring members Ray Suen — keyboards, violin, rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals — Tommy Marth — saxophone, backing vocals — Rob Whited — percussion, backing vocals — Bobby Lee Parker — rhythm guitar — Brian Karscig — lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Main article: List of awards and nominations received by The Killers.

Manchester Evening News. Retrieved March 15, The Guardian. Retrieved August 21, Las Vegas Weekly. Retrieved March 16, Brightside Watch This Vevo". Retrieved July 19, Retrieved November 24,

There are fascinating connections between the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, the 'Holy Grail' and the arc of the covenant. In the early 's a chalice was found in Bridies well in Glastonbury and determined by the British museum to be 'consistent with'Syrian or middle eastern artifacts from the period of BC to AD.

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  1. Nov 09,  · A short promo film for 'Glastonbury' the album by 'Energy of Love'. This promo features the track 'The Chalice Well' from the CD. 'Glastonbury' can be found.
  2. Chalice Well at Glastonbury This is a simplified image of the design that graces the cover of the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, designed in the nineteenth century by archaeologist Bligh Bond. Crafted of wrought iron and wood, it depicts the Vesica Pisces, a symbol of the divine feminine, and Excalibur, the sword of the legendary King Arthur.
  3. Chalice Well Collection For over two thousand years, people have gathered at the Chalice Well Gardens, home to one of Britain’s most ancient wells. A place of both enchantment and sanctuary, this beautiful space holds a special place in the hearts of those who love .
  4. Hotels near Chalice Well: ( km) Berachah ( km) St Anne's B&B ( km) No. 51 Glastonbury ( km) Melrose House ( km) Little Orchard Bed & Breakfast; View all hotels near Chalice Well on Tripadvisor/5(K).
  5. Nov 30,  · The Chalice Well is in Glastonbury, United Kingdom and its gardens are at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor. Around the well is a “living sanctuary” of gardens. They are meant for people to use.
  6. Chalice Well Essences are most effective when worked with consciously. We suggest calling upon the Spirit of the Chalice Well and asking that you may receive all that you need at this time. Take 7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water, morning and evening, or as your intuition suggests. 5 drops of an essence can be added to a warm bath.
  7. The Chalice Well Garden, just beneath the benevolent and awesome profile of Glastonbury Tor, truly is one of the loveliest and peaceful places on earth. On one level, The Garden is disarmingly simple and humble -- just several acres of informal English gardening, with nothing very spectacular in the way of garden design, no exotic or rare.
  8. In view of the current Covid situation the decision has been taken to cancel all Chalice Well Events until the end of July. Anyone who has purchased tickets for our events can contact the Trust by emailing [email protected] and a full refund will be given.

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