Unknown - Alex Meshkov - Autumn Mix - Mix Club Birthday (CD)

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A vivid snapshot of the Basie band in its youthful prime. Heavily influenced by the complex language of bebop , in the late 40s Powell transposed the innovations of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie onto the piano.

The album, which also featured a year-old Sonny Rollins, is one of the best jazz albums by a pianist; it tore up the rule book and served as a memorable introduction to a phenomenal musical talent. This live recording of Monk and Trane playing together for a charity benefit concert in November was thought lost until the master tape was discovered languishing in the vaults of the US Library Of Congress in A compelling portrait of two geniuses at work.

St Louis guitarist Grant Green was prolific during two separate stints at Blue Note and, as his 29 albums for the company reveal, he recorded in a wide range of settings. Arguably the best of his LPs during his first tenure with the label — when he played hard bop — Idle Moments was recorded in and finds Green leading a sextet that includes tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson, pianist Duke Pearson who composed two of the songs on the album, including the sublime but subdued minute title tune and vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson.

Unlike some guitarists, Green never tried to overpower the listener with elaborate or flashy runs but preferred to pick out single-note melodies that stayed within the boundaries of good taste. As well as swinging uptempo numbers with blaring horns, the album contains some beautifully subdued slower numbers defined by deft and subtle orchestral nuances.

The complete version, with bonus material, was released in Though not a jazz pathfinder, he was prolific and produced a formidable body of work for Blue Note between and His 26 albums for the label are all strong, but none are quite as perfect as Soul Station. Earns its place among the best jazz albums of all time by being one of the best albums on Blue Note.

Despite passing away at the age of 25 from tuberculosis, Texas-born Christian did enough during his short career to achieve immortality and earn a place in the pantheon of jazz guitar greats. A posthumous release, this compilation album, first issued in , drew together disparate sides, including solo recordings and cuts that document his stint with Goodman. The material and performances are simply sublime, with every musician playing at a high level of creativity, focus and inspiration.

Coltrane showcased his prowess on the relatively obscure and under-exposed soprano saxophone on this, his third album for Atlantic Records, recorded in March and released later that year. It earns its place among the best jazz albums of all time thanks to its capturing a significant moment in history: Goodman was the first jazz musician permitted to play at a prestigious classical music concert hall.

Worried that negative reviews would derail his career, the clarinettist was apprehensive about performing at the venue, but his fears proved unfounded and the concert was heralded as a major cultural event.

Though inspired by the fretboard virtuosity of his idol, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery forged a unique and immediately identifiable style. The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of … was his third album but the one that truly put the Indianapolis guitarist on the jazz map. Using his callused thumb as a pick, Montgomery plays single-note melodies with horn-like phrasing, before embellishing his solos with a sequence of block chords followed by octaves. Who knows what trumpeter and early hard bop architect Clifford Brown would have achieved had he lived beyond his 25th birthday.

His death, in a car accident, on 26 June , robbed the jazz world of one its brightest prospects, though he recorded at least one album worthy of inclusion among the best jazz albums of all time.

Andrew Hill recorded 13 albums for Blue Note between and , but Point Of Departure is, without doubt, the best of them. Here, Hill traverses a narrow tightrope separating advanced hard bop from full-on avant-garde jazz, but he does so convincingly.

Over half a century later, this magnum opus ranks among the best jazz albums as an essential, must-hear example of paradigm-busting post-bop jazz. After the experimental music of his early 70s Mwandishi band fell on deaf ears, Herbie Hancock reinvented himself as an afro-topped jazz-funk wizard with this blockbuster album, which hit No.

Though influenced by Sly Stone and James Brown , Hancock stumbled upon something unique that was simultaneously accessible and groundbreaking. Head Hunters proved to be a hugely influential album, transforming Herbie Hancock into a fusion superstar. The first musician to successfully play bebop on the tenor saxophone, this six foot six jazz giant from Los Angeles started his career in the late 40s but virtually disappeared in the 50s due to spells in prison for drugs offences.

In the early 60s, however, he revived his career at Blue Note. Recorded in , Go! Sadly, the concert represented the final time that the two bebop geniuses recorded together. Considered by some as the greatest jazz concert of all time, Jazz At Massey Hall was officially recognised as one of the best jazz albums in history when it was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in It also became the title track of this live album recorded in June at the Village Vanguard in New York.

LaFaro, just 25, was tragically killed ten days later, though his genius is preserved in his amazing performances here. Originally from Plainfield, New Jersey, and of Welsh and Russian ancestry, Bill Evans amalgamated bebop and impressionistic classical music to bring a new sensibility to jazz piano playing. After debuting in , Evans quickly made his mark in the jazz world and, two years later, was recruited by Miles Davis, helping to shape the sound of his groundbreaking album, Kind Of Blue.

Sunday At The Village Vanguard is a tremendous live album from that shows how Evans, together with bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian, brought a new concept of collective improv to the piano trio aesthetic. Indeed, their interplay reaches an almost telepathic level of communication. Thelonious Monk was ahead of his time, which was why for many years his music was often misunderstood and even ridiculed.

In terms of its defining characteristics, the album — with its angular melodies, dissonant harmonies and jaunty swing rhythms — is quintessentially Monkish. Jarrett initially refused to play but eventually relented, sitting down to deliver 66 spellbinding minutes of solo piano extemporisation.

By turns lyrical and febrile, the music just seemed to pour out of him in a cathartic torrent of emotions. The resulting album quickly gained notoriety and, to date, it remains the biggest-selling album of unaccompanied piano music.

A switch from Prestige to the bigger Atlantic label in March witnessed Coltrane upping his game with his debut for his new company. Just 24 at the time of its recording, Hancock was a rising star in the jazz world and was making his mark as a member of the celebrated Miles Davis Quintet along with Ron Carter and Tony Williams, who also contribute to the album. With an incendiary and inspiring performance that wowed the Newport audience, however, Ellington and his band demonstrated that they could still deliver the goods while asserting that big bands still had a place in jazz.

The original album only contained five tracks, but it was expanded to a two-hour-long CD release in A classically trained pianist, Taylor recorded his first album, Jazz Advance , in and by the time that he recorded Unit Structures the first of two albums for Blue Note ten years later, he had developed his own personalised take on free jazz.

Unit Structures features four lengthy explorations in free-form sonics and finds Taylor assisted by six like-minded musicians, including trumpeter Eddie Gale, alto saxophonist Jimmy Lyons and drummer Andrew Cyrille.

Taylor and his cohorts take no prisoners with their sound collages, which, to the uninitiated, are unremittingly intense and challenging. Unit Structures remains one of the best jazz albums to come out of the avant-garde. Together with trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, Kansas City-born alto saxophonist Parker began a jazz revolution in the mids when he created a new sound that was dubbed bebop.

With jaw-dropping displays of virtuosity combined with advanced harmonies and syncopated rhythms, Parker helped to alter the perception of jazz, transforming it from dance music into a serious art form. It captures Parker at the peak of his powers before heroin addiction blighted his career. Leading a nonet that included saxophonists Lee Konitz and Gerry Mulligan, as well as drummers Max Roach and Kenny Clarke, across and Miles recorded a series of singles for Capitol that redefined modern jazz.

Nobody could drum like Art Blakey. A natural leader on the bandstand who combined both power and subtlety, he instinctively knew how to make a track swing but could also complement a soloist, employing his volcanic press rolls to create drama and offer inspiration.

The infectious title cut, penned by pianist Bobby Timmons, who laces his composition with churchy inflexions, anticipates the soul jazz style that became popular in the 60s. On trumpet is a year-old Lee Morgan. One of the best jazz albums of the era, it still sounds startlingly original today. A prodigiously gifted multi-reed player who excelled on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Los Angeles-born Eric Dolphy was also a virtuoso flute player.

Recorded in February , Out To Lunch! Joining Dolphy on the Out To Lunch! Sadly, Dolphy died, aged 36, of a diabetes-associated coma four months after recording one of the best jazz albums from of the free jazz era. St Louis-born Nelson was a talented saxophonist who could play both the tenor and alto varieties, but who earned more fame during his relatively short career as a masterful arranger who could turn his hand to TV soundtracks and movie scores.

Famed for his florid, virtuosic keyboard style, Pittsburgh-born Erroll Garner was heavily influenced by Earl Hines and Fats Waller but managed to find his own distinctive voice on the piano. Capturing Garner in an assembly hall in Carmel, California, in , Concert By The Sea began as an unofficial recording made by a local broadcaster for US armed-forces radio. A vivid live portrait of a piano-playing genius.

Wayne Shorter has made many fine albums during his long career but this one, recorded on Christmas Eve , is extra special. Though originally from Pennsylvania, tenor sax titan Stan Getz became associated with the cool, West Coast jazz sound in the 50s. An edited version became a hit single and created a huge global audience for the seductive bossa nova sound. It also helped to transform Astrud Gilberto into a star who then launched her own successful career.

A virtuoso trumpeter from an impoverished background, Armstrong played with King Oliver and Fletcher Henderson before forming his own Hot Five Band in Earlier in the year, Trane had been fired from the Miles Davis Quintet for his heroin addiction, but by September he had quit drugs for good and began rebuilding both his life and reputation. At the end of the 60s, the ever-restless Miles Davis sought to change his musical direction again. Eyeing new sonic horizons and showing an interest in rock and funk aesthetics, he began using electronic instruments and creating expansive grooves driven by a backbeat.

A first major milestone in this development was the epochal Bitches Brew , a sprawling double-album released in Using a large ensemble that included British guitarist John McLaughlin and three electric keyboardists Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea and Larry Young , Davis set in motion the fusion movement that dominated jazz thinking in the 70s.

Now almost half a century old, it still sounds like the music of the future. Though for health reasons he no longer plays his beloved tenor saxophone, this seminal album — which gave Rollins his nickname — reminds us of his unparalleled brilliance as an improviser.

Rollins receives sterling support from pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Doug Watkins and legendary bebop drummer Max Roach, and together the quartet created an alchemical synergy that results in pure magic. A must-own album for any serious jazz collector. Leading a quartet comprising trumpeter Don Cherry, bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Billy Higgins, Coleman shredded the bebop rulebook by jettisoning orthodox notions of what constituted melody and harmony. In the process, he created a brave new musical language of free-form collective improvisation that shook the jazz world to its core.

The Shape Of Jazz To Come was extremely divisive at the time, but its status as one of the best jazz albums in history is secure today; it gave birth to the free jazz movement that would gain momentum as a viable musical currency in the 60s. A Love Supreme was the first time that a musician had successfully used the language of jazz to explore deeper metaphysical concerns. He leaves the listener exhausted — the music can seem almost overwhelming due to its emotional intensity — but also blissfully contented after the final chord has sounded.

Though Coltrane recorded several landmark albums both before and after A Love Supreme , this game-changing LP sealed his immortality and sits rightfully among the best jazz albums of all time. Topping our list of the 50 best jazz albums ever is this timeless, transcendent classic from the great Miles Davis.

It celebrates its 60th birthday in but still sounds as cool and hip as the day it was first recorded. The session found Miles leading an all-star sextet that included saxophonists John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley, as well as rising piano star Bill Evans. Looking for more? Discover the best jazz guitar albums of all time.

My first thought too. Not a bad list! Jarrett for ECM in ! This is more if the 50 most popular than 50 greatest. Who can really argue with the 1, Kind of Blue? But I appreciate the attempt. Like MIles he is already well represented here. And no Charlie Parker in the top 10? Still top 50 lists involving a passion such as music will always be tough.

What a masterpiece! Ella Live in Berlin. Thanks for reminding me that there is so much good jazz to still enjoy. FIFTY is simply not enough. Kind of Blue is truly great, but A Love Supreme is celestial! Of course all of the albums on this list are great, but still it leaves two basic questions: The most recent album on this list is from Nothing relevant happened thereafter?

Nothing relevant happened outside the US? I doubt…. Good point about the lack of Europeans or Canadians! No Django is the most obvious omission for me.

I too was dismayed to see no Ella, particularly, and could find better Sarahs. The list is too light on Ellington, which would have given us Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster and an entire band of instrumentalists at the top of their game. I see that Crocodile Chuck did not scrutinise the list too well if he missed No.

It is a good list and of course we could all have albums we would place higher and, perhaps, not rate some of those included, but I cannot really fault it. A list of neglected jazz gems would be good. I come across jazz all the time that I had not heard before an wonder why they are not better celebrated. Guess not Michael Kroll. Must have. Getz is the only American on the recording.

All others were, I believe, Brazilian. Not to mention multiple members of the Mahavishnu Orchestra were not American, with only Goodman being American among the original members. Some musicians on Bitches Brew were also not American. But I do agree there is a lack of recordings by other significant jazz artists from outside of the States. Same is true for Mahavishnu and even more so for Bitches Brew.

Brazilians are Americans too since Brazil is also part of America. The Continent of America that is. Many years ago a jazz critic in Chicago told me that Latin jazz was not serious jazz……. So let me share this information with you.

Most people do not know the work of Laurindo Almeida, and of course we know Sergio Mendes. Some of us know. Sonny Rollins — Saxophone Colossus 7. Miles Davis — Birth of the Cool John Coltrane — Giant Steps Herbie Hancock — Maiden Voyage Duke Ellington — Ellington at Newport Thelonious Monk Genius of Modern Music vol.

But the most glaring omission — where are the women!? What, no Paul Desmond, alto sax this side of ice-berg cool. And only one jazz vocal. And that with a famed jazz player. No solo. No Dinah Washington. No Nat King Cole.

Also found it strange that none of Miles albums with Gill Evans were included. But the fun is in the discussions and very few would agree with everything, that is the glory of jazz. Oh yes, I forgot about the MJQ. Apart from superb live recordings e. The Last Concert , Django is a must have for any serious compiler of jazz lists.

Desmond played his best and is most known for while he was with Brubeck which is given quite a bit of esteem on this list. Weather Report was good or even a great group that made a lot of nice sounds with some interesting rhythms and harmonies, but nothing they played was revolutionary the way Bitches Brew was.

On that album Miles brought forth new ideas that had never heard fully heard or explored before and still kept true to foundations he laid in kind of blue and the complete birth of cool. Bitches Brew was also much more successful the Heavy weather. Nat King Cole only played swing? With respect, a list that lacks these names is a joke.

I totally agree. How could he be missing on a list of top 50?? Yes, almost no pre-war musicians except Louis and Count Basie. As great as many of these albums are, many of the artists on this list have exceeded these elsewhere.

Cannonball, Blakey, Jarrett, Morgan, Monk etc etc all did works that outdid the ones listed. A more appropiate title would have been 45 Great Jazz Albums. Jimmie Lunceford?

Charlie Christian? Should I carry on..? Fortunately you could buy at any decent shop more almost all of the records of the list any day. No Ella Fitzgerald?? Also missing: Billie Holiday, Nina Simone! You have left out many other greats. This list is totally NOT the 50 greatest!!!!!

ALL of these artists had albums that whould fit into the list!!! They all furthered the art of jazz!!!!! This would have to be inclusive yet selective and objective! I agree with most of the list, great choices! The foundation of all that followed. Important and essential pioneers among many others of early jazz.

Well done — those and I wish they had simply pegged the Armstrong box set A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, for a fatter slice of the essential Louis of the 20s and 30s. I myself could not be happy living without this chunk of music in the world. An impossible task certainly, but with the exceptions of the fusion stuff it is pretty admirable. Glad to see Brubeck near the top. Would also like to see some more adventurous material. There are several albums by Anthony Braxton that could have made the list.

Not to mention A Spiritual Unity. Major oversight. Also Big Fun by Miles Davis needs to be on there. Time Out by Brubeck is way too high up the list. Come on. Mahavishnu Orchestra not that high either.

Good call on Out to Lunch by Dolphy tho, but that should actually be higher. And Iron Man should be on there as well. Happy new year! This is a damn fine list. Usually music lists have me swinging immediately out of the gate! The San Francisco Jazz Collective comes to mind. This list is poorly ordered. This will be my first holiday season where I will be traveling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

However, I realized I should probably start planning ahead for some recipes that can easily travel with me via car or plane. My mom used to make it for us growing up all the time because our family was slightly obsessed with it. I always loved making a batch together around the holidays, or just loving the surprise when I came home after school to a house filled with that amazing smell of a fresh batch.

So good! During the autumn, one of my favorite ways to mix up the recipe is to add in some candy corn or sometimes candy pumpkins and whatever various cinnamon candy sounds good. I just love the combination of the salty Chex mix, sweet candy corn, and cinnamony candy. So here is the Autumn Chex Mix recipe, along with some other great ones to consider sending to troops overseas or bringing along with you in your holiday travels.

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CD Baby, de cara foi uma grande facilitadora para mim, desde lá, lançamos um disco, um EP e agora novos Singles virão até o fim do ano. Tudo de forma simples, prática e organizada. Tenho muito carinho pela plataforma, pois sou muito bem atendida pela equipe sempre muito solícita e atenta as minhas demandas e ideais.

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  1. Listen to music from Alex Meshkov like Pluto, November & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Alex Meshkov.
  2. RA: Resident Advisor. Fri, 13 Nov 4 comments. Nooncat preps Enola. The Russian producer will mix up minimal and tech-house styles on his sophomore album, which hits stores later this month.
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  4. Oct 06,  · NEU: Hier finden Sie alle Sets von Alex Meshkov downloaden ineareminusra.planbagerolnorevinnolisuvelrext.co der Link ist 30 Tage gültig und ich werde bei .
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  6. Dec 23,  · (The Field Mix) Artist James Figurine; Album Forgive Your Friends; 50+ videos Play all Mix - Alex Meshkov - Live @ Kitchen YouTube; Pushkarev.
  7. Dec 01,  · 1. Autumn Chex Mix Begin with the namesake of this classic mix – Chex cereal! Stir together the Chex cereal, pretzels, Cheerios and peanuts. Then, in a separate bowl, whisk together the worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt and melted butter, and then drizzle that over the cereal ineareminusra.planbagerolnorevinnolisuvelrext.co Time: 10 mins.

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