Your Body, Your Blood - Wheels Within Wheels / Merkaba (4) - Split (Cassette)

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Higher Self — The higher self is the ethereal high vibrational mental aspect of your soul that serves as liaison between your soul and your monad. Discovering how to communicate with your higher self as a guide is essential in the spiritual awakening process. Going within is the method of finding your higher self. The truth and answers to any question can be answered by your higher self and is a vital part of discernment. A monad consists of a male and a female aspect, and when incarnating into a lower vibrational density these two split up and continue to split further into lifetimes.

Imagine a wooden wheel of a bicycle where the hub is the male or female part of the monad and the spokes are the aspects of soul consciousness, or lifetimes. The Creator of everything is an energy source that created angels and dimensions and then sent forth aspects of itself Creator is both male and female into the lower vibrational dimensions in order to have experience and to know itself.

These monad aspects then sent forth parts of themselves as souls as so on. Creation is infinite and cannot be fully understood in third dimensional thinking. Regaining the knowledge that you have an aspect of Creator within the human body is the most important awakening realization. A dimension is a specific frequency of vibration. All dimensions are connected and overlap each other and all dimensions are interdependent upon each other, which describes the term multidimensional.

There are many levels within each dimension. When this light is differentiated it becomes the colors of the rainbow. Monads were split into groups of colors known as rays. For example a blue ray monad will have a purpose or characteristics different than a green ray monad. Blue ray monads have more in common and vibrate at the same rate as other blue ray monads, thus they are naturally attracted to each other.

Furthermore, monads split into souls and vibrational groups are formed within each soul. These souls incarnate together in order to help each other spiritually advance.

Soul mates from a particular soul group recognize each other when they meet in this lifetime. A soul mate may incarnate as your mother or father in one lifetime and then they may switch it up to be the daughter or son in another lifetime.

They could be husbands and wives or they are an influential person in your life that helps to balance a past life energy or lesson. Soul mates from a soul group love each other so much that they may have volunteered to be a difficult aspect of your lifetime, which is a blessing in disguise as these lessons catapult you higher on your spiritual path. Dark Night of the Soul — The Dark Night of the Soul is used to describe a process of cleansing and clearing that involves facing your shadow self.

Your shadow self is the aspect of your soul that carries the darker or lower vibrational experiences. In this phase it seems like everything is going wrong and that you are being abandoned by your guides and angels.

It is what prompts questioning everything and leads to solving your issues. Once you emerge from this dark night of the soul you look back upon it as a blessing, feeling lighter and clearer than ever before. These are our spirit guides. Spirit guides send you messages, often through your subconscious mind.

Thus it was possible to call this being God Gen. William Blake William Blake was a visionary who communed with angels and even his dead brother regularly. One looks through it or around it to appreciate another dimension of existence. Here Blake comes as close as anywhere to describing what is going on in his work, and it is an emphasis on the effects of the text. But you ought to know that what is grand is necessarily obscure to weak men. That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care.

His expertise in this craft was fundamental to his art. He so refined and perfected his skill that he evolved a way of producing the exercise of his own imagination in his own unique method of engraving. The engraving technique he perfected enabled him to translate the fruits of his inspiration immediately onto copper plates.

Thereby inspiration and execution came to be united in a way with few parallels in the history of artistic production. In his work, Blake was able to develop his own mythology, rooted in the symbols and images of the biblical prophecies and apocalypses, to challenge the domination of deference to the old words and phrases.

From Ezekiel in particular Blake learned the true meaning of prophet, visionary orator, honest man who speaks into heart of a situation to warn: if you go on so, the result is so; or as Blake said, a seer and not an arbitrary dictator. Whether Blake was influenced by merkabah mysticism itself, I cannot at this stage decide. Many have pointed out that Blake seems to allude to a kabbalistic doctrine that Adam was a microcosm of the whole universe Jerusalem, Plate It may be possible to make a case for Blake being influenced by other aspects of Jewish kabbalistic tradition.

What is clear is that Blake is part of the account one would want to give of the influence of Ezekiel 1 on Christian interpreters. What is striking about this picture is the prominence of the human figure among the four creatures man, lion, ox and eagle that surround the divine throne-chariot. Whether Blake knew the details of Jewish interpretation, we cannot be sure, though many have suggested that he may have been influenced by cabbalistic ideas, especially in his later works.

Hiyya the Elder and R. Yannai disagreed. Thus it says, Israel in whom I will be glorified; it is thou whose features are engraved on high; they ascended on high and 24 Christopher Rowland saw his features and they descended below and found him sleeping.

John 1. The version in Ps. And behold angels who went to Sodom and who had been banished from them because they revealed the secrets of the lord of the world.

And they went until the time that Jacob left the house of his father. And they escorted him in kindness to Bethel. And on that day they went up to the high heavens, spoke and said, Come see Jacob the pious whose features are fixed on the throne of glory which you desire to look on. So the rest of the holy angels of the LORD descended to look on him. It represents a view we meet elsewhere in the rabbinic tradition where all the patriarchs are identified with the chariot merkava.

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  1. Wheels Within Wheels discography (misc) Accretion () Wheels Within Wheels and Aptrgangr () > Wheels Within Wheels discography (all) Accretion () Wheels Within Wheels and Aptrgangr () >.
  2. “Wheels within Wheels” William Blake and the Ezekiel’s Merkabah in Text and Image Christopher Rowland Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Rowland, Christopher, “Wheels within wheels”: William Blake and the Ezekiel’s merkabah in text and image / Christopher Rowland. p. cm.
  3. The Merkaba: Is it the wheel within the wheel that the bible talks about? They said that it was a energy transferrer from one plan to another to the places where angels dwell. A man out of Israel makes them and says that they remove negative energies.
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  5. Aug 31,  · 5. Monad– The monad is the “oversoul” which created the aspect of consciousness of your soul.A monad consists of a male and a female aspect, and when incarnating into a lower vibrational density these two split up and continue to split further into lifetimes. Imagine a wooden wheel of a bicycle where the hub is the male or female part of the monad and the spokes are the aspects of soul.
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  7. Dimensions: 4" Diameter x 3/16" Thick x 3/32" Hole Size. This wheel is not fully molded - flat on one side. You can glue two wheels to make one wheel! Use strong cement glue made for bonding metals. Holes can be drilled out slightly larger to fit your preferred screws or dowels.

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